Friday, December 01, 2006

The Year That Was

Taking a look past this one year there was a lot of disturbing news pieces going around that would make your average Malaysian wonder whether this country is going to hell in a handbasket at the speed of teh tarik getting poured from one intergalactic mug to another intergalactic mug, in gravity zero, far, far away in space.

Here would be a fraction of our concerns, not neccesarily in chronological, and most definitely not in alphabetical order.

-The Lina Joy case
-The M Moorthy case
-Rising Fuel Prices
-The Takaful Story
-Wielding of Traditional Weapons
-What Appears to be Rising Race-Awareness
-Copyright Infringement
-Sibilin Church's Mass Destruction
-Felling of multiple places of worships throughout Malaysia
-Kg Berembang incident

And then you read more and more stupid things done with our money, and how this dude is corrupt and that dude is breaking the law and getting away with it.At the end of the day we're left wondering how did things get this way, and why we are still letting it slide.How can we ever stand by and watch state assembly morons compare building mega mansions, stealing state owned sand, demolishing temples,and being given huge land grants at the taxpayer's expense to placing a rack of BREAD on a SIDEWALK.WTF? Am I missing a point here?
They obviously missed out the Terbilang part of Pak Lah's motto, coz they sure as hell think we failed Math to let that one pass, and as bad as our education system is, I doubt people cannot do the math of this problem. Where 'without fear or favour' in the eyes of many state government directly translates to 'well, this guy has no connections in UMNO or MCA, so let's go for his ass first to cover our own and divert national attention to out scary finance situation'

And capitalism is not working properly when individuals are hugely rich and many states owe debts to Federal.

So the question remains- Has the government failed its people, or has the people failed its government?But enough about dwelling on polemics, we have the Gerakan Youth and Johor UMNO to constantly debate undebatable topics on our behalf.How was this year to me, ona personal basis?

Indeed I had been blessed this year and especially so this last weeks of the year.And I have none of the credit to take myself ,perhaps only to God for giving it to me.For even with the minor hiccups here and the occasional problem there, it was a beautiful year.And it ended on a high note, too.

For my close friends, and those who for some God-alone-knows-why reason occasionally hit on this blog, would notice the sudden increase in happy posts.You would also have noticed its been highly kudo-centric (kudomono-fruit in Japanese) nature of the posts largely owing to this latest um, interest of mine.And her responses thus far has had me full of that feeling you get when you know you're on the brink of something great and fulfilling, like after you've completed a major project that you know will earn you a spot on the corporate ladder.Or when you've baked this batch of perfect cookies and you get both the sense of fulfilment and anticipation all at once.Well, thats exactly how I feel at this point of time.

If I could describe this year as a roller coaster ride, I would say the deepest plunge started and ended in the beginning of the year and now its just the cool spinning parts, where you know what's going to happen, and just enjoy the ride anyway.

Life has dealt me a fair hand.Now its up to me to play it.


Anonymous pelf said...

Ouh well, it's just the 2nd and you're already counting down! Anyway, I'm glad things turn out well for you this year (despite the minor hiccups at the beginning of the year) and congrats once again on your "achievement", I'm really happy for you :) I wish you "All the Best" in everything you do :)

10:17 AM  
Blogger F.O.N. said...

Love your last line. Play it well dude!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Pelf- No la my fiscal year ends with my birthday LoL.Weird huh :P

FON- Glad u like it la bro.Yea I am playing it well.Though I suck at roulette.

10:36 PM  

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