Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye Malboro and the Origins of Alcahol

The fruit (I shall henceforth cease from calling her the hunted one, or even the chased fish as I am currently awaiting an answer LoL.Fruit denotes a more um, subtle suggestion as in there is no aggression involved.Fruits represents patience laer basically.So I'm just waiting for fruit to be well, picked I guess hehe.And so happens that fruit does not like smokers, however little you consume, so...

To add to the list of things I've taken up (i.e. Japanese, freeweights,lessons in coded-speak) or in this case, given up. First picture: Malboro Lights in old cover and second picture: The stripped Malboro Lights without cover.Despite the lower price, more attractive cover and the fact that I inhale enough secondary indirect smoke enough to fog a small neighbourhood for Aedes in every management meeting,she does not like smokers (even my type who consumes a cigarette once in a very rare, light colored blue moon =P , and distributes the rest to other smokers)
But its a price I'm willing to pay la.
So there you have it.No more lung exercise, however minimal, I'm going smoke free... LoL.I'm just hoping she does not mind some alcahol la.This is because being a half Indian I kind of have alcahol flowing through my veins.See I have this theory as to why Indians are good drinkers.Consider the white man.He created alcahol from what, malted barley, wheat , potatoes, grapes and various cacti.Consider the Chinese. They created alcahol from rice, so did their Japanese counterparts.Now ALL these are common items grown wild and more importantly, grown on the ground and therefore pose a minimal risk as far as NIOSH / DOSH is concerned.
Now consider the Indian man.
He climbs a freaking tall tree to tap coconut sap to make toddy.He does this twice a day.Now see the difference in effort here.We were freaking made to drink wei.My ancestors (at least on one side) climbed trees to get themselves high.Which would explain why my Chinese good friend here cannot drink la.His ancestors (both halves) basically harvested rice, a common activity and made some extra rice into rice wine la.As to why some of my Chinese brothers can drink well, its a mystery to me.The only explanation I can think of, is somewhere along the line, either their ancestors accidentally fell into a vat of brewing Carlsberg, Guiness or illegally distilled Cap Kapal Layar whisky, OR, they are actually Indians who are suffering from a skin condition that makes them look Chinese.
Remember.....For Bible thumpers and Evangelists and self-righteous purists who tell you alcahol is the enemy, God said love your enemy :P. If they tell you good men don't drink, ask them if Jesus drank Ribena during the Last Supper.And if they shake their head at you in an irritating fashion, introduce them to your Kepong friends (I've always had this vision of Kepong as a Indian gangsta's paradise de luxe with thousands upon thousands of revellers lepaking under a signboard saying "Welcome to Kepong" and drinking), and perhaps the only place where they don't run away when asked to by the police, instead chase them off with parangs.And they are probably some policemen in there drinking as well :P
Its been a great week, only because I at least, seem to be on the correct way to be well, declared no longer a single o.O
Sayonara tabako...
Suki desu ka?Kudomono-san?

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Blogger devonic said...

Good for you man..Malboro was not certainly in our Indian blood,but alcohol ...might be..Well said..And thanks for giving me a escape route on why-I-should-not -quit-drinking-questions...Now I can tell my girl friend and her family that I too love my enemy dearest...I thought my girl friend church members took ribena when they take communions..I have to go and check on that too..No wonder after that, they start to talk differently...lecturing me la...

12:03 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Devonic- Depends on the church bro.Catholics (and Anglicans, and Orthodox churches) have this thing called altar wine. Its basically your normal vin de table (table wine) with a lower alcahol percentage.Some smaller churches use Ribena, or some other grape juice.Usually those churches also don use your white communion wafers, but opt for something more um, edible, like oatmeal cookies :P

11:01 PM  
Blogger devonic said...

Thanks for the enlightenment man...And by the way they are using ribena...

6:17 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

devonic-That means either their being kiamsiap(stingy) with the collection money or they disapprove of alcahol la :P

12:24 AM  
Blogger Collin Michael Nunis said...

Weh, no-lah, the smaller churches use small pieces of Gardenia bread-lah!!! And yes, they consider using paratha, chapati, and pita bread, among other things, to make sure it comes close to the real thing - the Last Supper.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

collin/devonic- Yes even us Catholics use it to commemorate the Passover.But if we were to order capatis for our people to every Sunday, we'd be draining India of its national supply of a'ata flour.

12:55 PM  

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