Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why You Shouldn't Drink Too Much

...Coz you'll end up like my friend En Y (bukan nama sebenar).Coz as far as my dad taught me- they are four effects of drinking - excessive aggression(including profanity,violent tantrums and perhaps wielding of traditional weapons) , excessive love (you start hugging and kissing everyone around you), excessive bitching (you start complaining about your work place, your rent etc etc),or excessive silence (you just stop talking, and look at everyone around you suspiciously like they're gonna steal your drink)
So Y was a culmination of all 4.The first I've seen, in fact.Here is Y after about 5 drinks.At Redbox Karaoke

At this point he cannot sing with his voice anymore so he sings with the voice inside his head.Oh,yea Y, I've taken the liberty of adding 'sunglasses' for you to dim the limelight.

Alcahol has a tendency (making you believe) of your voice improving and that you sound like Faye Wong, even though you sound more like Papa Bear, while drastically making your friends sound bad

After a staggering journey (he staggered),Y falls asleep at a local mamak while developing false memories (he later claims to have eaten something else)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If anyone recognizes Y, please do NOT mention his name out in the Comments :P Thanks.Its bad enough we know what he looks like :P


Blogger Lizzam said...

oi...apsal letak gamba dia...u should've blocked out the whole eye, not just add sunglasses...

from now on, remeber to count the screws on your tyres before you go anywhere...hehe

and did you steal his meal at the mamak?he's sleeping, he won't notice..

8:32 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...


He didn't mind :P.Nola....alcahol laced mee maggi soup is hardly my choice mamak meal :P

6:37 AM  
Blogger BrightEyes said...

Hm... I tend to start discussions on philosophy, politics, or film & music.

Usually thats after three or four.

Six, the discussions are going really fast, but have stopped making sense.

Seven, its travelling between the realms of consciousness and dreamland.

Nine, its the toiletbowl. Bonus: A ride in the back of a police car.

I've never done ten....

8:56 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Bright- Thanks for visiting my humble blog...Nope, I have never got arrested thought Jais has tried to arrest a few times now for eating during Puasa :P

6:27 PM  

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