Saturday, November 25, 2006

Learning Japanese

Sigh.All in the name of love?Well yea I guess.I mean when I was going out with my ex, I always felt the need to do stuff for her, but not in the way I am doing it now (as my friend would knowingly agree to).Maybe I've matured from the previous relationship and learnt how to treat lady (its been a good near 2 years, I've learnt a lot) .Perhaps its the working environment.Perhaps its because in the case of my new interest, I started off as being good friends with her first.And so the feeling is deeper than a skin deep attraction.

Hmm ,learning the language of those kelauns who came into my country, stole my grandfather's bicycle, made my dad's generation survive on tapioca and grated coconut,cycled away and had the next few Prime Ministers laud them and started a whole new 'Look East Policy' that brought in Japanese cars, motorcycles,electrical and electronics, anime , fengtau songs, Tokyo Drift,Ayumi Hamasaki, Para Para Sakura and Japanese porn where the girl screams before the dude even enters the room and where very little conversation occurs apart from 'Ite' and 'Yamete'.

And the progress has been painstakingly slow.It was much more simpler throwing away whataver cigarettes I had left (last Malboro Lights ones went out today-yea am giving that up too) than making sense from a fast talking shinobi called Naruto or a good looking shinigami called 'Strawberry' (Ichigo).Of course there are other stuff you can learn from anime like this and this

Of course, the girl I am hunting (or at this pace, more like gathering berries, albeit slightly faster now [grins]) loves Kenshin Himura la, you know if you'd read my earlier posts on anime, that he eventually dies of an unknown STD.Yea and he infects his girl too.

But nowadays I re-watch Naruto and Bleach just to pick up the words ler.And its helpful to have a Japanese book by your side.So yea.If my dear readers would love this madness (posts about my love life) to stop, kindly post comments here to get her to cepat2 to date me and get it over with :P)

So that I can go back and wax lyrical about politics and religion again.But then again maybe relationships is not such a bad topic for a blog anyway right?Selling myself as Lovelace/Hitch/Dear Thelma here.Any takers?Thought not.

Enjoy the weekend folks, or whatever little crumbs remain of it after your boss has raped and ravaged your holidays LoL......

Note: I modified this post coz basically I posted the wrong link and my friend's blog pointed to a Mexican porn


Blogger Lizzam said...

anoo, immanuaru san. nihonggo wa kantan desu ne. daremo wa nihongo ni wakaru. chotto benkyou ni dake.

Ganbatte kudasai immanuaru san!

(I'm seeing some japanese preschool kid laughing his ass off reading this...hehe)

11:10 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

LoL- I only understand half of that.Thanks for your encouragement bro.The middle part sounds like something I either would hear in Cityhunter or Initial D

11:37 PM  

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