Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Upcoming Sleep Depravation

Oh damn-I just looked through my schedule on my desktop calendar this weekend.I think its um, an understatement to say i would probably end up in a morgue come next Monday.

30th Work-related stuff till 5, Classes 7-10.30
1st Work 8-4.30, classes 7-10pm [1st day no sleep]
2nd Work 12am-8am, classes 2pm-8pm,after midnite birthday eve (bound to have some activities, most likely involving hilltop casinoes belonging to the Lims... would be back to Klang in morning) [2nd day no sleep]
3rd - lunch appointment and finally in the evening ,should be my first date with her.(so kudomono-san, if you happen to be reading, kindly forgive the panda eye look and incoherent rambling should I happen to do so -note that this is probably a very ultra overworked me you'd be talking to=D )[I'd probably be in hyperdrive again after meeting her and all, just like what happened when she agreed...so 3rd day no sleep]

Hopefully can slip in some sleep between jobs/classes.Hopefully it does not 'automatically' occur while behind that round thing that controls your car steering :P

Of all the stuff there, of course I am looking most forward to a first 'official' date with her......its like getting a new complicated electronic equipment.After being happy you got it, you still have to take time to understand it and stuff.

For the record, my personal best is 4 nights with no/very little sleep - about 30 mins each; on three occasions - 1) Form 4, during a camp where I was part of the organizing team and basically had so many problems we ended up with almost no sleep 2) When I pulled out a 4 nighter while working at Northport covering 10 shift back-to-back 3) The last week before my Final Year Project submission in college; so the likelihood of me ACTUALLY dying from sleep depravation is highly unlikely la.Unless my kelaun category friends decide to make me drink in Genting whereby if that happens would hasten a very untimely death , where the victim would be me.

And now certainly would be a lousy time to for that to happen ;)


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