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Takaful Incident: Questions Arisen

And so the Takaful incident draws to a close.And not a moment too soon if you ask me.This has dragged on for far two long with no apparent reason apart from a man's overzealousness to begin with, and the disturbing silence that ensued for a few days.As usual, everyone will start talking only after the PM speaks.Democracy my brown ass.

So this would go down as a good thing, while the spin doctors put this down as another sterling example of how tolerant and wonderful and peachy Malaysia is..Am I missing something here or isn't anyone addressing the issue?En Fauzi is not the only one who feels the way he does.Fact remains, there are more and more Malaysian Muslims (which is not only the bumiputras, but even immigrants from Indonesia who seemed to have forgotten their roots) who are feeling increasingly 'impatient' with us non Muslims.Here's the issue as I see it-

The liberal Muslims and your average non-Muslim like me, feel that Malaysia is going 180 degrees in her liberal identity.We generally feel that our society, government and way of life are being re-engineered gradually to fit the image of a Muslim country.And we don't get why we are trying to go the Wahabbi way (i.e. more Saudi) when there are better examples of Muslim countries, even if you must implement it, such as Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt et cetera.Some, who have had the opportunity to travel abroad, don't get the attitude of some local Muslims, who like her occasionally piss off a whole bunch of us by comments calling us non Muslims pigs, dogs et cetera.No, I do not understand the need for the entire world to spin around you.I do not understand how eating dinner in a public place is offensive.Do you want all of us to fast with you or how?

That would make MENJ extremely happy won't it?If all of us would convert to Islam.But if you tell me, politely, if things I do is offensive to you because of your religious beliefs, be it because you're Muslim, or Hindu, or Sikh, or Bahai, or even Satanist, and its logical, of course I will oblige you, as you are my brother and sister, my fellow citizen, my fellow human.Coz, if you can get this offended by someone eating and preventing you from breaking fast (or in her case perhaps stuffing your cheeks full with food like a bunny)and resort to calling me animal names, I am worried what might happen should something more serious occur, like me resisting the implementation of hudud and qisas.But I am grateful that this spate of spite has also ended.

But it raises, perhaps more questions than answers.Where do we, as a nation stand in all this, where do we stand on a global scale?Are we to join the ranks of Saudi Arabia and Iran, or the ranks of Turkey and Jordan? Or do we join the likes of Denmark or Finland?Which model works for us.But perhaps the more pertinent question would be- where do we as non Muslim Malaysians stand in all this and how we fit into the equation.

The latest fiascos on the Bumi equity rate, the building of Chinese schools, and questions being raised about wishing each other well during festivities are very disturbing pieces of news. The government paints a rosy picture that all is well in Bolehland, and that its only a few whose thinking swings left, but is it really so?

This bunch of people, on this end, usually believes that we are scaring away investors, tourists and talent who are terrified at the mere notion of a Muslim state, just because they themselves feel that way.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you have some people who feel we have always been a Muslim country, and that they, in their ever gracious kindness has hosted us infidels and that we are a bunch of ungrateful ingrates who have been able to work, live and eat here, and even own big businesses and that we are stepping way out of line by questioning any motive of any moves they make.

This type of people typically believes that we are not Muslim enough, not nearly as much as they hope for and that by being more Muslim, we will attract more Arab tourists, Arab money and Muslim talent, and perhaps even rebuild the glorious days where the Ottoman Empire and Islam stood as the bastion of knowledge and wealth of Europe, the time that gave us Avicenna, Ibn Khaldun and so on.

So, to me, the simplistic Takaful incident got me thinking- where are we headed to now? Which direction

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Anonymous WhatsTheFussAbout said...

The Takaful incident? Hey it sounds like a riot had gone down somewhere.

And because of what? An "internal" letter which is meant for the "internal" circulation among the company staff. (refer the company's official website)

Why the public outcry then? Even if the email got mistakenly distributed, its clearly mentioned in the email that it is meant for the internal staff. furthermore, it is up to the opinion of the staff whether to take heed or not.

The issue about greetings has been blown out of proportion when non muslims (who do not know anything about the muslim religion) are requesting for a public apology from the company.

And please, getting an A for islamic knowledge from university still does give the authority of a non muslim to question the faith.

So, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, why not visit the man himself at the Takaful building?

If you've noticed (which I think you might not), just go along jalan sultan sulaiman and see what are the buildings closest to Takaful?

Dont be suprised that one is own by the chinese and the other one by indians.

I dont see any riot going on around there?

I too have chinese and indians friends. I do wish them greeting when it comes to the festive seasons. But I do not question their faith whereas the opposite do question a lot when it comes to Islam. Mostly to redicule.

Hey, its your blog, its your space, but its my opinion.

6:45 AM  
Blogger MaoBi said...

Why is Takaful our business? It's a wholly owned company owned by the Malaysian government via our tax dollars and EPF funds. So there is no such thing as an "internal" issue. If YTL decided to blow up his lovely hotel then his shareholders have a right to question. When Takaful is owned using my money then it is my right to question too.

Why is it our right to question Islam? Short answer - they take our money. Long answer - they take our money and Islamic rules apply to non-Muslims in Malaysia.

The guy still hasn't apologized. Saying "I'm sorry you feel that way" is totally different from "I'm sorry, what I said was wrong".

Let's say I go to your house and call your father a bastard. Saying "I'm sorry you feel upset" will not cut it and his "apology" does not cut it.

Samy Vellu is a politician who will choose to such it up. Even the DAP are politicians and realistic enough to know they cannot be too hard on Islam. If the voters like us cannot see this then we deserve to be insulted by any two bit Muslim who decides to issue such statements.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous whatsthefussabout said...

Show me proof that this company is 100% own by the public or the government. Better still, get a definition from Bank Negara and find one public listed company that is owned by the public & government - Takaful Insurance that is.

MAA, AIG, KURNIA tak main la.

Show me proof of your knowledge in the products offered by this company. (Just by cut and paste from the website does not make u the grand daddy of takaful products)

Show me proof that you have invested 100% of your savings in this company. (If you are so into money and THAT IS THE SIMPLEST REASON FOR YOU TO RIDICULE ISLAM - 1 sen pun berkira, typical)

Two bit muslim? Hey, who is insulting who now?

Woo, and it includes the "father" as well? touchy. touchy.

Dont corner here and there OK. The crux of the matter is the misunderstanding and the misinterpretation of the situation concerning the email.

However you manage to show the true colors from the opposite side when the money issue is brought up.

If money is your concern, then take it out and put it somewhere else. Why bring the issue of religion?

I still stand that whatever remains internal, stays internal.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

wtfa-Nice nick.Nope,no riot, but imagine if some internal mail told us not to wish you :)
not throwing stones or fanning flames my friend, just telling you what I think.If you think i know nuts about Islam, its your opinion.In my opinion humbly, your opinion may be wrong.Coz all I posted was the fact I am wondering now , where are we headed, thats all.

Maobi- Thank you for your comments.

wtfa 2nd post- if you still believe me to be chauvistic racist Chinese, do read my earlier posts here, in MENJ's or at Mahaguru58 :)peace brother (or sister, or anywhere in between)

11:29 PM  
Anonymous bodicea said...

HAHA at the last sentence in your last comment. In between. Lawlness la wei.

man. flamers who don't play with Logic too well just amuse me shitless.

I think he missed the point in maobi's comment.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are EXAGGERATING things which are NOT happening in Malaysia. Yeah, one person said something that you don't agree about, and it's meant to be PERSONAL and internal to the Muslims working at that place.

See, problem with you Emmanuel, you cannot mind your own business. There are certain matters in Islam which are clearly for the discussion of Muslims only.

Let me give you an example; as a Muslim, I believe that all non-Muslims will go to hell. Yeap, even the saint Mother Theresa. Although she is by all means an extraordinary woman, but in the Quran it is stated that God did not create jinn and man but to worship God (Alone).

But, when we talk about this, it's meant to be a personal and internal conversation among ourselves. Of course people like you disagree with it - who likes to be told that they'll be cast in hell because of their different faith?

Likewise, if the Takaful fella or any mufti or religious authority releases a statement saying that it is haram or bordering shirk (very grevious sin in Islam) to be wishing Hindu's (pagan's to us) their celebration and to offer welwishes is like supporting a celebration that is worshipping the pagan idols! You just lose a greeting from a fellow Muslim, and that fatwa is not even meant for you. So why get all worked up?

BTW, Saudi Arabia is not a poor country. Have you actually been to these places before you make assumptions about them Emmanuel? From my reading of your blog, you make so much assumptions about things that are not even true. You seem to me like a paranoid freak!

Don't get all too jumpy at the wrong places Emmanuel.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

I replied to your comments in the link below.

3:37 AM  

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