Friday, November 07, 2008

Why does this always happen to me?

My beloved, trusty rugged Kancil, that I have been oh-so-reluctant to change has been thorugh hell with a devil like me driving it.Three flying rocks from lorries, two head on accidents and now to add to the list of 'Reasons to Change my Car', a stupid dog.

After yesterday's Anti ISA Run meeting, I drove over convoy style with Ching and Fu Haw to go grab something to eat at Bkt Tinggi.A dog suddenly runs past my car. I slam the brakes. Dog hits car. I feel a thud on my bumper, hear a whimper, feel something go under my car and a soft crack.Another whimper.I experience unbelievable heavy guilt for maiming/beheading/killing an innocent dog.So unable to pull over as there is no place to pull over (intersection) I drive off, feeling like well, a dog murderer.To top off this guilt is the fact that I am an animal lover and a dog person.

So when we pull over, I check my lights to see if there was blood, fur or maybe a decapitated dog's head with a tongue stuck out attached to my bumper.Ching parks his car next to mine and I asked him if he saw the dog die.

His answer "No la, the fella ran past you stop, stare at your car then run off"

I went blank followed by a loud WTF.Then I look at my car bumper. No blood, no fur, no decapitated body parts, but my license plate was broken.I went from guilty to pissed, and from 'poor dog' to 'idiot dog'.

For confirmation I asked Ching again "Did it limp?" "No, it was running".

Unless the dog was trained for the special pet olympics I think it was a safe estimate the dog survived. And I am RM 10 poorer for the license plate.

Stupid canine.Can cock stare me some more.Oh well.At least I am not a dog killer la.Then again I do like Korean and Vietnamese food....


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