Monday, September 15, 2008

What We Can Learn From The BN Government's Latest Fiasco

1.UMNO's punishment is adequate for governmental and legal purposes.There are three parallel legal systems in Malaysia, the secular courts, the Syariah courts and the UMNO discplinary commitee.

2.The ISA was introduced to deter communists, terrorists, people who wage war against the King, people who wage war against Barisan Nasional, unfriendly reporters, Jews, bloggers, intelligent professionals who call the government's bluffs, and against people who supposedly made remarks that someone heard someone heard someone heard someone who watched in on the TV hear someone sort of heard someone say.

3. Since there is no sufficient provision under the Witness Protection Program, we have now extended the use of ISA to protect innocent civilians from dangerous unseen, unreported, unheard of threats. Because the police intelligence indicates so. This is the same police intelligence that managed to drill drown crime, prevent kidnappings, allow BN to walk into a disastrous election.Samy Vellu and Teh Kim Poo, former ADUN for Pandamaran were reported in the news as saying their lives were threatened. I wonder if ISA can be used for seen, visible, heard of and reported threats, as well.

4.If a Malay BN paper reports something racist as an opinion piece, its done in the interested of Agama Bangsa dan negara.If a pseudo independent Chinese paper reports something racist done as a NEWS article, the person who reported it is deemed as a threat to national security, while the person who actually said it is severely and brutally punished with a three year suspension from political office, thus justifying his freedom.

5.A frail aging but very popular blogger is a threat to our way of life. He is a national security threat with our police, army, navy, air force, RELA, Rukun Tetangga, Maritime Enforcement Agency and Unit Amal PAS unable to control him. Therefore it is deemed neccesary to lock him down in an undisclosed location somewhere , which is crucial to deny him Internet Access.This blogger doubts that most BN ministers read that frail blogger's blog anyway, but joined in the bandwagon to look hip, happening and not Big Foot-like.


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