Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Detractors.

Yes, I happen to be a fan of RPK who enjoys being with and around him when asked.Yes I do happen to think that more Malaysians ought to see matters hrough his perspective.

Yes, I think Saiful Bukhari is an ambitious,stupid,wannabe student leader whose political connections is what motivated him to lodge what I believe is a pathetic attempt of political assasination.

Yes I happen to think whoever supports him lacks intelligence much like the person himself.

Yes I am a DAP member.Yes I support the Opposition,I have been since time immemorial.Yes I am proud of that fact.

Yes I enjoy being with and around politically inclined people and NGO idealists a lot.I enjoy the mental jog, I enjoy sharing their passion and idealism....their zest and refreshing views.

So...if you don't like it, cannot deal with it, or detest me or what I stand for...

You're most welcome to kiss my you-know-what and call me the Grand Daddy Bishop of Pandamaran.


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