Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Black Man in the White House

Three things that I never thought I'd live to see in local politics- Non Malays support PAS and Malays support DAP. And PKR to form an actual agenda. Two out of three has happened

Three things I never thought I'd live to see in international politics- Mugabe get knocked out of office, Musharaff embrace Christianity and a black man takes over the White House. Two out of three has happened.

After all that's been happening, people should not be so surprised at all. After all, the African Americans have basically beaten the Caucasian Americans at their own game. Morgan Freeman-Best Actor. Denzel Washington- Best Looking Actor. Halle Berry- Actor everyone wants to sleep with. Tiger Woods- Golf Player/Actor.Chris Brown.-Brilliant Comedian.And now Barack Obama.

Now I'm waiting for a black Pope, a black Ku Klux Klan leader, a black religion founder and a black lacrosse champion.

While we're there and since we already have a white rapper, we might as well add a white Black Panther, a white NAACP president.

We're halfway to racial equality :D

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