Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ops Lalang 3 on the cards?

Datuk Seri Anwar has been arrested by the police, a couple of days after the RMP wrecked havoc in the national capital by creating a demonstration that never existed and setting up massive roadblocks at our tax dollar's expense.Then they come up with liwat (of all things) a second time and are trying to put DSAI behind bars again.And now RPK has been asked to go to IPK tommorow at 10am, where he expects to be arrested and charged.Looks like Ops Lalang all over again.Or 1998.

Or is it? In 1987, people were not as easy to mobilize.People tended to read less.People did not seem to know better.People had enough to eat, drink and petrol was cheaper than mineral water.In 1998, only the Malays pissed off.The Indians and Chinese were minding their own.And Sabah and Sarawak were happily BN.

Today, people are broke, pissed off and starving- all races included.Sabah and Sarawak are pissed off for being taken for a forty year ride.And to boot, 5 states under the Opposition means loyal supporters, resources, and media access.And Mahathir held a much stronger Government than the paltry excuse for a cabinet we have now.

I received an SMS from Sunny at 1.20 telling me DSAI was arrested, another at 3.50 telling me that the police refused to let Anwar see Saiful's report.What's up with that?

Enough is enough.Enough bullshit, soaring petrol prices,economic mismanagement and high handed bully tactics.The rakyat should not and will not be dogged on this time around.We walked in 98 and God willing, we will walk again in 2008.DSAI and Pakatan, the Rakyat is with you.You are , after all, our Alliance!


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