Monday, August 11, 2008

The Bar Council Fiasco

Late Saturday night, I received an SMS from Mahaguru stating that YB Zulkifli Nordin's been arrested under ISA.I made some calls and found out that most people by then had already heard that rumour (I read my SMS late-was at Modesto's) and no one could reach him.Well, I personally disagree if he is to be arrested under ISA.If he has done something wrong, charge him in court.Even though I also quite disagree with the 500 people who thinks holding a forum is disrespectful to Islam.

My two cents goes like this-

Its OK to have news items on new converts who also speak about their old religion
But its not OK to hold a forum about conversion to Islam

Its OK for Muslims to talk about non Muslims and their religions rather freely, as seen in quite a few publications you get at MPH etc
But its not OK to hold a forum about conversion to Islam

Its OK to convert to Islam
But its not OK to hold a forum about conversion to Islam

Let's objectively take a look at it, who were invited to attend the forum as panellists- Haniff Khatri Abdullah,K Shanmuga and Ravi Nekoo (lawyers involved in cases involving conversion). Two others , Federal Territories Islamic Department (Jawi) Syariah prosecutor Dr Mohd Naim Mukhtar and Institute of Islamic Understanding (Ikim) representative Dr Wan Azha Wan Ahmad were supposed to be there but pulled out last second.So basically we have 3 learned Muslims in the panel and 2 non Muslims who were involved in a case.And we had a moderator, Zarizanana Abdul Aziz who was also Muslim.Muslims (including protestors) could have joined in the forum, or asked to be panellists.Why the open conflict?

Are we not a democracy?

My Muslim friends and brothers, let's look at it objectively.We are all educated people here.I believe discussion and dialogue is the only way to move our society forward.Hopefully then, all distrust between our societies may be dispelled and a Malaysia Baharu emerge, stronger, united and one.


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