Monday, August 11, 2008

When Will they Ever Learn?

When will the BN ever learn?That threatening Catholics and Christians with legal action after legal action is detrimental to their health?That they already have many people against them over this?

When will they learn, that we are turning to PAS as a moderate example?When will they learn that pushing into the same crawlspace of democracy with PAS would result in a strong friendship being forged between the two of us in the current political climate?

When will they learn that Malaysians do not generally respond well to threats?

When will they learn that you cannot go around and make stupid comments as a Minister and expect to get away with it?

When will they learn that the might of their government machinery cannot possibly hold back information via the various channels of communication available to us today?

When will they realize that people today are much more well informed, immune to propaganda, educated, demanding and discerning?

Will they ever learn?Not in the near future methinks.


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