Monday, November 10, 2008

The Brilliant PDRM Strikes Again

Yesterday evening I was coming down from the Klang DAPSY AGM at 11pm when Ean Yong who chaired the meeting received an SMS informing him that Tony Pua , Weng San and Way Kheng had been detained at IPK PJ. After a quick face wash, I called Uncle Sunny to see where they were. To my surprise, he had also been arrested.

Unsure of the way to get there,I called Uncle Francis and fortunately he was not detained. Parking, saw a large crowd waiting outside.Bumped into Sarah, PA to YB Charles, and learnt a lady had been pushed down and left with 4 stitches to the head and that YB Charles was inside helping her file a FIR. To my bigger surprise, Rosnizam, my friend from Suara Keadilan was also detained for asking questions. YB Ronnie Liu was also arrested, apparently only for calling the CPO unprofessional. YB Ronnie was not even at the protest, but appeared only at the police station.

We walked up the side of the police station where we saw some 30 armed FRU people surrounding this group of 20 something vicious, dangerous people in the middle who were armed with handphones mineral water bottles.If you didn’t know better, you would think they were in the middle of a police march for a National Day Parade.Then I got the shocker. Fr Leonard and Fr OC Lim were there, and to my bigger surprise, I saw a guy in a cassock walking up and down in detention. It was Fr Paulino Mirinda, parish priest of Divine Mercy Shah Alam. Great, now PDRM is up for detaining men of the cloth as well.

YB s Teo Nie Ching, Gobind Singh, Liew Chin Tong, Hannah Yeoh, Jenice Lee, Khalid Samad and Loh Gwo Burne were all there.

Met up with Shen, Aloysius, Chris and Terence had a drink with Sarah and concluded we had 24 detainees, including a councilwoman, an exco (of the state he was detained in), an MP( of the very constituency), an ADUN from a nearby constituency , a reporter who asked questions, a videographer who was just doing his job, and the bill for this whole shenanigan is passed on to the taxpayer.

Kudos, PDRM for yet another brilliant use of public funds.Now if you’d just do your actual job that we pay you for, viz catch criminals, fight crime and find missing children instead of kicking elected representatives and arresting citizens.

Was also wondering, the right corner of the crown in the PDRM logo is 'Alif Lam Lam Ha' and the left is the Prophet's name. I wonder what they think.


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