Monday, November 13, 2006

Singapore Attacks Malaysia Part 2

Clockwise from top:

1)And continuing from my previous post , Malaysia retaliates to Singapore's show of force by deploying our own Seventh Fleet

2)Singapore deploys its covert destroyer , RSN 'Superstar Gemini' :P

3)Bottom : After very little deliberation , lots of yelling and kicking, and the apparent failure to piss off the Singaporeans with insults, Johor government (effectively Johor UMNO) decides to cut the water supply and force Singaporeans to drink Newater.

Yea, THE END (of who?) :P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Msia's single most efficacious threat, stronger than the f15's and Mig's.... a.k.a cut water...

7:07 AM  

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