Monday, October 23, 2006

The Deepavali that was

This Deepavali was quite a mediocre one for me.I remember when I was a kid, I used to follow my dad around and wish all the Uncles and Aunties Happy Deepavali, to get an leftover-from-CNY 'angpow' (as those days not many banks printed 'Happy Deepavali' mini-envelopes.The day would start with a visit to my dad's friends restaurant in Klang, where it is probably the only time of the year I do not see my dad ordering like a baldi full of kambing (coz its an open house ler)

Then we would go house hopping bumming lunch etc from my family's many friends.This would be either an indication or popularity or ultimately coz we have way too much time to idle around.or to save money to buy lunch, and dinner that day.Anyway, after wishing some never seen before seen,obscure Uncle (more like murmuring) there would be that would go "Oh, you so big boy already- I used to see you when you were this small <gestures hand to remarkably low height,perhaps lower than a hobbit suffering with growth deformity>

I remember being ushered into a room togather with the other sulking kids because all our dads were discussing 'important' (not to be confused with impotent) stuff like world peace, the state of the world, the Gulf War and critisizing our nation's leaders from the sidelines.All while sipping beer, a drink that till this day I refuse to accept as a 'man's' drink. I do not mind whiskey or some other liquor but beer and me do not go well.My skin rejects it (I turn bright red like a prawn and itch all over, including probably the hairs on my nipples), and my mind rejects it as well.It would be screaming the 'kelauns' (Malayanized clown version that I call most of my friends when they turn drunk)  would with his jolly face go "Down Mike, Down" and thats just about when I would have turned into three things(of which my dad says most people turn to when they become stone drunk)

a) Extremely Silent.I look like a dog thats ready to bite off your finger if you try to feed me more beer.

b) Extremely Noisy. Buy me more alcahol and I might shut up.

c) Extremely, outstandingly brave.So far I have not been beaten up yet, but I have went and dirty danced some girls, got a few phone numbers(no thanks to my colleagues and boss) and further information would be too explicit for this blog, lest little children and household pets be mortified reading it.

Geez, and to think I will probably be doing that in a few years (form a mini UN and run for office in the Coffee Shop version of Toastmasters)

Deepavali was more silent this year, with many people being very wary and perhaps uneasy at the call of certain quarters to refrain from wishing your Hindu friends etc.But to most of the Indians (myself included) give me my muruku in one hand, a glass of your favourite alcaholic beverage on the other, and some Sivagasi music in the background and you have yourselves and instant ball.

OK, enough about my memoirs, what did I do this year.Lets see- I fortunately got the day off (but am working on Raya- double shift some more) Visited some friends in the morning and took this cute kuih with choc covering.I took only one but the thing came in a cup(like cupcakes) and had 6 cups under it (by accident I think) and when my friends' wife came to clear the table, she smiled knowingly at me(I almost screamed- No!! I did not just gobble 6 of your cup-thingies). I somehow feel its gonna be the last time I get called to this friends house.

Then went to KLCC to watch Prestige with three buddies of mine.I got stared around weirdly coz I went into Chilli's and ate before 'Buka Puasa' (remember- I look Malay). To make matters worse, I sat right under the DBKL sign asking restaurants to respect the month of Ramadan.I was thinking of ordering beer, but decided against it as I did particularly feel it was a good day to be dragged outside and beaten into a pulp by a crowd yelling 'Murtad!' before my wallet drops out and someone realizes I am not Malay.Then they'll probably continue beating me for not telling them sooner, and made them batal puasa :D

Oh yea, were dressed to club coz was not satisfied as we did not manage to get a seat at Italianesse (Curve) and had to go eat some stuff at Vivo only( yeap, you read that right- I am gradually exploring outside the boundaries of Klang-Earth)

So what do we do, when you're all dressed up in KL and got nothing to do?Go up to Genting of course.It was so damned packed we had to park outside ( 2 hotel car parks full) which made me make a mental note to  myself- get really rich and make Genting offer me  a platinum membership (they get reserved parking)

So we spent the wee hours there and had Starbucks and came down.Oh yea, and my credit card application got rejected.Get this, before they asked for my salary slip (10 days before) so I'm left wondering ...has this bank heard of this invention called the phone? Do they not communicate between departments and can someone who checked out my credit rating please tell the dude/ dudette that stamped rejected on my application,which btw was before they called my office that my annual income IS quite a bit higher than their minimum requirement  and that I have two deeds under my name that usually you offer a free card for taking a loan to buy either one of it.I have them, paid in full.And a sizeable FD account.And some stock.And some unit trusts.I have no loan outstanding or don't owe anyone money.Would you rather me be a retired gardener to 'be safe' in giving me a stupid card before you are satisfied I can afford it?

Since I did not yet mention the bank name, will leave you guessing.But will be taking one out from Citibank as soon as I get my income tax information for this year.Sheesh.Or I would work harder in life to get it.There, I'm done ranting out at this bank and am now cheerful again :) And yeah, will be forwarding a formal complaint to their bosses.That was a spoiler of the week, no doubt.

And there is also a uplifter of  a week.Happened just today, actually.A girl I've had an eye for since a year ago (call it a small crush, a minor infatuation or a mild obsession) agreed to go out with me : D

So yeah, pretty soon will probably be not so single anymore.Hehe..God is great la.Give what you needs just when He knows you need it.Now God, what about that credit card ;)

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