Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Raya That Was

This year I have been really blessed in the sense of getting a good job and building a strong rapport with my colleagues and bosses at work, with my friends outside , meeting many new ones and getting re-acquainted with old ones.I have for some time forgotten what it was like to belong, to be part of a community, of a team.Indeed I am grateful for the opportunity to be reminded of it.

And opportunity came in the form of an invitation from one of my bosses (the manager of our management team) to attend his open house celebration and help him out.Its the first time anyone has asked me to help out in a Hari Raya do, so the experience was a new one for me.And a good one.

it was the first time I potong ketupat, first time I belah lemang, (its so much easier to buy the siap potong one from Bazaar Ramadan) and lepaked at my bosses' place with my other colleagues and his family.Food was of course good, but more so the communal feeling that makes me grateful in a humble way, yet proud to be Malaysian.

Even when they knew I was Christian (its kinda obvious- I stuck out like a swollen toe as I did not perform solat with them apart from the fact I was wearing a '' T-shirt as opposed to Baju melayu like everyone else and had a golden cross hanging from my neck) they still treated me like part of the family.Contrasting of course the opinion of some anonymous commentors of late who thinks of me nothing more than a chauvinistic clueless clown who hates his religion.

And I am thankful that in this times where many are testy and wound up about issues like religion, there are those good ones who come along and remind you what its like to be human, to love and share and care.Sure there will always be morons in every group you meet but mostly its all good.

Stuck around till about six-ish then went off to buy some stuff for my workplace- power tools, equipment bags etc that kind of make me broke when I realize I can only get back my claims submission in a few weeks time (power drills and such are not cheap la) and panicked even more when I thought I had bought the wrong equipment (I thought the drill head could not be slotted with screwdriver heads)I was never happier to be wrong.Had to call my vendor to double, triple and quadriple confirm.I would probably have shot myself if I was wrong and could not claim the purchase.

On other notes,friend of mine celebrated her 23rd last week.Happy Birthday Aishah, sorry could not go clubbing with you.And congratulations Chua, if ou happen to read this on your wedding last week.Not forgetting Razman, the friend I went down to Johor for (his wedding)

Have a fulfilling week ahead all!


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Anonymous aussieboy said...

Its wonderful to see people of different faiths enjoying each other's company in a religious festival. I always contended that nature (God) intended people to live in harmony, not in suspicion and division.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Aussieboy- Could not agree more :)

7:51 PM  
Blogger Lizzam said...

dey, u should follow me watching movies in full clad baju melayu la sometime...

9:02 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

LoL thanks wei.But I did like this John Master white color baju Melayu I saw that day with black color pelikat.Hmm,maybe after I date a Malay girl and lose a few more pounds la :P

12:18 PM  

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