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SMS Hoax-yeah Sure Hate the Catholics

Kit Siang once wrote a book- Time Bombs in Malaysia which I count among my
favourite political books.He touches many issues in the book and among other
things- he touches on race relations and how there will always be people
preaching to politics of racism and hate.The reason I bring this is up now,
is due to the fact that certain quarters just hate living in a peaceful
country.They just hate the fact that people love to love each other.They
hate the fact that there is not much seeds of discord to sow.So sow they
shall.And indeed that is what happened when some overzealous, yet stupid
jackass decided to write a nasty SMS accusing a Roman Catholic church of
baptizing Muslims.Which turned out untrue, of course.

What's wrong with you idiot (whoever started the rumours)?Will you only be
happy after all the peaceful people in this country are brutally and
violently murdered, all the 'sinful' activities- alcahol, casinos, lottery
numbers, are all wiped out and you can sit in the corner of your little
kampung hut with a torn attap roof and laugh your way to a near bankrupt
bank to put in your 'pure halal money' , untainted by sinful, pro American,
Jewish butt kissing Christians?I hope the police gets medieavel on your

There were 1000 Muslims outside and 1000 (I imagine)worried Catholics inside
the church.What are the odds that in both crowds, some idiot might have
thrown a stone , or accidentally nudged another dude and all hell broke
lose?Or in a hillarious twist, someone sneezes onto a fanatic parked outside
and the dude goes into a frenzy and accuses the Christians of baptizing
him?Then they will get what they've always wanted.World peace by banning the
use of salivated projectiles.

We appreciate and understand the delicate nature of the problem, but please
do appreciate the fact that the concept of 'aqidah' exists in other
religions as well, in Christianity or specifically Catholicism its called
Communion or Corpus Christi- The Body of Christ. We too feel hurt every time
some Catholic dude or dudette converts, but generally speaking, Catholics
tend to be less emotional and/or bothered about it, perhaps owing to the
delicate nature of things in Malaysia- so all I guess we are asking in
return in a small amount back of such sensitivity.Or perhaps we believe the
soul is yours to keep- so what you with if is really your own business. Or
perhaps we just are too not bothered and are too busy either saving the
environment, beached whales, lost souls or in my case spending my money yo
make Lim Goh Tong even richer.When was the last time any Catholic friend of
yours tried to preach to you?

Also I fail to understand this fear of proselytize.I believe the Truth is
out there, and every religion holds water.No one should fear any religion
especially not so in Malaysia, where Islam is the official religion of this
land, and where by extension to this, we have many Islamic programs on TV,
many educational programs available in mosques, schools, universities around
the country, where Islam is taught in school etc.And even the likes of
Mahaguru58 seems to be worried with this trend of people playing agent

Sure, I am certain I might get many comments like STFU you chauvinistic pig
of a Kafir, you have no idea what you're talking about ,Christian whore, go
read Surah Al-Kafirun ,you have no idea of the terrible fate awaiting you in
azab neraka.If your intention is to comment that in the column, then I have
just saved you the trouble.Peace.Speaking of comments do read all the way

But correct me if I am wrong, but the Prophet's defence of his people was
due to the fact that at that time Islam was in its infancy and
understandably he did not want to muddle the minds of the various Arab
tribes that embraced Islam- as they had much to learn, but in THIS day and
age, where the Quran has been debated extensively, researched extensively
and connections drawn from the Quran and scientific discoveries and what
not, why still this constant fear of Christians(or any other religion) for
that matter knocking at your door and selling you their religion? Either way
I am sure starting a riot in a place of worship is hardly a way to enter
Jannatul Firdaus( highest heaven) la.

Enough about sensitive topics,on another note, Syed , my travel buddy to
work just bought his Vios, and its really cool.I am now torn between buying
a Vios and buying a terrace double storey house I've been
eyeing.Seriously.Screw Kiyosaki man, if I keep up gymning for a few months
and drive a Vios at 23 (coz I will probably turn 23 by the time I decide on
which car to change to) I think that would do wonders to my self confidence
level LOL.

Optionally I can wait for something good to turn up la (one of my vendors
bought a Lancer 1.6 for about 60k with only 340 on the odometer- the
previous owner was migrating suddenly) since I am starting up my small
second hand car business thingie with my friend.Decisions, decisions?

So anyone got any opinions ah?

Another thing that cracked me up was this Anon dude/dudette returning (same
IP) and typing this on my Comments section of my earlier post

''Si me rogas, potes abire et tu ipse cacare. Semper in excremento, sole
profundum qui variat. Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam
suffodiant.Favor, Plenus stercoris es''

My Latin knowledge is really limited to Vespers , the Vulgate Rite and
canonical terms so I had to look it up in my Latin dictionary, long dusty
from underutilization and makes me wonder why I buy some stuff in the first
place - Basically it means "My opinion is , you are full of crap.Forever in
crap, only how deep.I hope your philosophy is spoilt by logic.You are full
of crap.

So I was wondering where this jabronie pieced togather this poorly grammared
rubbish, and Googled it, so I stumbled upon this

Please, you pathetic excuse of a cow.Wait I take that back- it would be an
insult to cows worldwide, IF you cannot think it up yourself, stop cutting
and pasting la.It makes you look like a fool.Baka.Yorou.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, la.It is probably some clever dick's idea of really stupid prank.There will always be a crowd of curious onlookers but, you are right, something could have happened.


9:29 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Even so its scary to think the degree pranksters will stoop to for a good joke.Will dead people be funny?I think a dead prankster will be cool.

Great and they suspended Sunday Mail.Yep, we're a maturing country alright.

11:39 AM  
Blogger F.O.N. said...

Well said. Such a sorry state we are in eh? I wonder what went wrong with the mentality with these bunch of jokers.


11:10 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

FON- Their very mentality bro, their very mentality ... :)

12:28 AM  
Blogger F.O.N. said...

Come to think of it... what mentality? Doubt that what some of these people have can qualify as a mentality. Hiaks!

10:54 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

FON-LOL, but so the very the true man.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:00 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

WTF has Sexyback have to do with riots?Gah, nvm :D

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Fuad Onn Najib said...


I am a Protestant and I have always felt Vatican II is a very Protestant ecumenical council that can help unite Protestants and Catholics as one people.

Do you know both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI are evangelical Catholics? These great fathers ask Christians to preach the Gospel to Muslims.

The SMS I believe is NOT a hoax as Dato Azhar Mansor's wife is a Christian and she prosetylised her husband who became murtad from Islam and was baptised by a priest in the Australian Catholic Church.

When 1000 PAS supporters demo outside a Catholic parish (NOT church), this is considered an attack by Parti Agama Satan (aka PAS) towards all Christians, not just Catholics but also Protestants. The right for Dato Azhar to confess the Nicene Creed and not the Shahada is his God-given human right!

I vote for any political party except PAS and PKR. My preference is DAP but if since I am a registered voter in Pengkalan Pasir, I voted for UMNO in 1999 and 2004.

A vote for Parti Agama Satan (aka PAS) is a sin that a Christian needs to confess to God if he votes for PAS aims to murder murtads (aka Christians). As for observant Catholics, they have to visit their confessional father and tell him that they are deeply sorry for abetting the murder of murtads.

Aside, a Christian does not have to simply "Give unto Caesar" but if we look at the context of this verse, we only pay taxes to government in return for security. If the government does not provide security and/or violates our freedom, we, Christians can engage in civil disobdience and overthrow the government -- just as our Christian brethren in Timor Leste refused to give unto the Indonesian Caesar but resisted Suharto and Jesus our Lord gave them their freedom.

If the Malaysian law, says "Thou shall not prosetylise Muslims", we, Christians can break this Malaysian law freely for the Holy Apostle Paul also broke Roman law that forbid Christian prosetylising. St Paul was martyred through beheading under Nero for prosetylising pagans.

p/s I am an apostate Muslim who embraced Jesus our Lord. I know that I cannot remove the word "Islam" from my MyKad, but just as we have Jews for Jesus in USA and Israel, we also have Muslims for Jesus (aka Trinitarian Muslims). Dato Azhar Mansor and myself are Trinitarian Muslims. I attend a parish at the Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Kristian (PKMK).

8:24 AM  

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