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Response to an Anonymous Dude or Dudette

The following was posted in the Comments  of "Takaful Incident: Questions Arisen" post that I posted some time back.I feel it warrants a response as the writer actually missed the entire point of my post.BTW, Anon, you should be honoured- this is the first time I am responding at length to a comment.However I may perceive it to be.

"you are EXAGGERATING things which are NOT happening in Malaysia. Yeah, one person said something that you don't agree about, and it's meant to be PERSONAL and internal to the Muslims working at that place."

Response: The fact that he made it public makes it my problem. Can you not see that hatred and bigotry and a sense of moral superiority, whether public or private has the same adverse effect and would spell problems should it be left unchecked?It is not happening in Malaysia.When was the last time you lepaked with a Hindu whose temple's been torn down or a guy whose been forced to convert or some Orang Asli whose been paid to convert?Hmm, I must be confused.

See, problem with you Emmanuel, you cannot mind your own business. There are certain matters in Islam which are clearly for the discussion of Muslims only.


Response: Both My Daily Dread and my UPP Disagree blog is my little pieces of opinion.What about discussion about our faith?Who gives you the right to dicatate the way a Christian dresses, the height of a church, or which temple stays or goes?I am minding my own business,my friend.By discriminating me, you make it my business.Hmm, I guess I do not really bother about what you think- The Mufti of Perak, the National Fatwa Council and various Muslim leaders seemed to have proved us right that its not a major sin to wish someone Happy Deepavali.So thanks for your opinion,like your suggestion (for Muslims to talk only to Muslims about it)- go discuss it with them.

Let me give you an example; as a Muslim, I believe that all non-Muslims will go to hell. Yeap, even the saint Mother Theresa. Although she is by all means an extraordinary woman, but in the Quran it is stated that God did not create jinn and man but to worship God (Alone).

Response: But I do not believe any good Muslim( Gulab Rasul Khan etc) would go to hell.Call me a lousy Christian.I've been called anathemic, hypocritical and personally I do not care two fucks if you think I am going to heaven, hell or spend eternity cursed to roam Lorong Haji Taib and get harassed by transvestites so long as you do not shove your beliefs down my throat to the point it affects my life.Basically, yea everyone thinks only they will go to heaven and everyone else to hell, so whats the point in yelling it out apart from creating disharmony in a fragile environment?

But, when we talk about this, it's meant to be a personal and internal conversation among ourselves. Of course people like you disagree with it - who likes to be told that they'll be cast in hell because of their different faith?

Response: So don't tell me.That's my point.Keep your thoughts to yourself, your religion to your own.

Likewise, if the Takaful fella or any mufti or religious authority releases a statement saying that it is haram or bordering shirk (very grevious sin in Islam) to be wishing Hindu's (pagan's to us) their celebration and to offer welwishes is like supporting a celebration that is worshipping the pagan idols! You just lose a greeting from a fellow Muslim, and that fatwa is not even meant for you. So why get all worked up?

Response: Because I would respectfully submit that national unity should be preserved, and everyone else are already sacrificing elements of their religion for this.But that is not the point (neither am I remotely suggesting any Muslim sacrifice anything in their faith for the sake of anything).Because to me, he is not authorized to make blanket statements like that.If that statement would have come from like a Mufti or something, I would gladly accept it is apart of your religious obligation.Its just a person's view.Buddha once said- belief half of what you see and none of which you hear.

BTW, Saudi Arabia is not a poor country. Have you actually been to these places before you make assumptions about them Emmanuel? From my reading of your blog, you make so much assumptions about things that are not even true. You seem to me like a paranoid freak!

Response: Where on earth did I mention that SA is a poor country?Sure they're rich and reward their poor, starving Muslim brother countries in these times of crises by raising crude oil prices.How generously benovalent of them.But what do I, one of the clueless Ku'faar possibly know right?Is it fardu kifayah for Muslim countries to help each other or to trouble each other?

Who's making assumptions?I have been fortunate to vist four of the continents, having started travelling as a kid and grew a passion for it<unfortunately my paycheck has yet to hit 5 figures a month la> and been to two of the countries I mentioned.And I am looking forward to travel more, but wait ...there was a point in there somwhere.Maybe I am a paranoid freak.I am also pessmisitic, extremely so<Both my bosses and staff will agree with me wholeheartedly> But to me I am simply concerned about the direction this country is headed for, and whether the Wahabbi school of thought everyone seems to subscribe to nowadays is applicable to a more multiracial crowd.If you think I am the last person who does not have an inkling what I am talking about,am a chauvinistic racist Chinese 'pig' or are born of rich folks to have the gall to write about something I do not comprehend, you are nowhere further from the truth.Le'ts meet up, talk, and then pass judgement on me, OK?Not that your hating me would result in me becoming poorer, or lose IQ or grow warts on my face or become impotent...or anything....

Don't get all too jumpy at the wrong places Emmanuel.

Response: I don't jump into conclusionss. In Fact I hardly jump.I run a lot and occasionally juggle as a hobby but jumping is just to tedious for me.Peace out bro (or sis, or anything in between or outside the bounds of either)All I am asking is a question.Or is that a national offence now?Or a cardinal sin?Hardly venial.Or so I think, but I digress.So yeah, please know that I think you got me all wrong.And jumped right at me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

your currnt post is damn funny....for some reason it's so funny to me i almost choked while drinking water pfft...

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer to be annonymous because I won't be going to your blog often. I do this for kicks, just so you know.

Just so you know Emmanuel, the filthy rich Arabs do help their Muslim brethren in trouble.

Don't watch too much CNN my friend. It's a lot of shit. The Western media sure got into your head, and Emmanuel, bravo, you're so predictable that you take it as truth. *cough*

So, there you know it's a private matter for the Muslims, then don't interfere with the private matter, a'ight?

I've seen your postings at And as a Muslim, I am appalled (and humoured, of course) by your opinions regarding Islam. It's funny, when a 23 year old Non-Muslim playing smart alec to matters he is not learned on. Well, most people laugh it off and keep quiet. But just so you know again, you look like a fool!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Dear Irritating Annonymous,

I could care two fucks what you think about me.Its not making me any poorer.I don't care if you think I'm a fool or not.I'm 22.

Likewise don't watch too much Al-Jazeera.Its messing with your head as well.I do this for kicks too.

I would not know which is your posts at do I care.That MENJ cares enough to respond,or that mahaguru thinks I am worth his time, is good enough for me.You, you mean nothing to me.So thanks for visiting and spewing some hot air in here, it was getting a bit too cold la.

And oh yea.Many 'learned' Muslims (i.e. imams from PAS,UMNO buddies of mine etc LIKE to listen to my thoughts when we eat togather, lepak togather etc etc.But then again, I am just to you a smart alec.People like you deserve people like 'Sister Saffiyah' (of MENJ fame).As a parting salutation- go take a lesson in humility from Mahaguru, or Nizam, or even MENJ!

Oh yea, btw nice Taliban- style turban you have there.Might want to check with a neurologist though if there's anything beneath it beside disdain for your fellow humans.Or your neighbourhoood yogi.But wait, to you that would be syirik, would it not?No need to answer- it was a rhetorical question

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Aussieboy said...

Emmanuel, as a Muslim myself I was apalled as many of my brethren about the Takaful incident. We should thank heavens that not many Muslims are like Mr. Anonymous here. The official stand-down of the so-called 'internal' memo was the right thing to do. Many hypocrites like Anonymous pretend to be 'good' Muslims but their real purpose is to bring havoc to a peaceful faith. Like other destroyers of peace in the world under whatever political or religious garb, they are tools of Lucifer. Heaven will dispense with them according to the trail of hatred and destruction they sow on earth. To Mr. Anonymous, many like me are happy to pitch in & pay for your one-way trip to Saudi so that you can join the Wahabbists in their march to hell. Modern society and peace-loving Muslims are better off without people like you.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Aussieboy-Thanks for the comments.If you happent to stumble back here again- do add me up on MSN or Yahoo :D.The nick is in my profile.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Si me rogas, potes abire et tu ipse cacare. Semper in excremento, sole profundum qui variat. Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant

Favor, Plenus stercoris es

5:59 PM  

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