Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Shopping and Ongoing Scams

Did my Christmas shopping progressively during the last week.Boy did it hurt the finance dept.

Christmas decor for plastic tree- Very Expensive for molded plastic.

Christmas munchies and cookies-Very high for natural products

Presents, etc-Very expensive


The look on peoples faces when they open presents or open food- Priceless?My foot.Its depressign especially if they give out stupid comments la not nice la bla bla.


Well its free.Live with it.But in the spirit of Christmas, of course I will not reply sarcastically but smile.So in the same spirit of Christmas its expected for you to also shut up and not make stupid comments to people who bleed financially to make everyone happy.This applies to all other festivals :).I have this theory/impossible daydream that everything during Christmas(or Raya, or Deepavali or CNY)should be free, in the spirit of muhhibah.The chicken sellers should distribute free chicken, the club owners should pour alcahol free of charge and vending machines should be unlocked so we can loot its free contents.

But to my friends, of course when I praise your(actually your mum's) cooking/baking I mean it la :P(evil laugh)

There was this blog created pinged on PPS earlier, I forgot the name which lamented that the blog owner(s) got cheated by this Thai gem scam.OK, I'm missing the point.You're going to Thailand and you HAD to buy jewellry.And our local diamond merchants have endorsed thats its authentic.What's the problem?Just sell it to the vendors who say its authentic and finish off with it la.Why the noise?Trade it in and buy a table fan or something.

And I have another theory on how to deal with these famous scammers.

1.Watch Salesmen

OK, so you buy this cheap imitation watch that the seller claims is a stolen Rolex.Here's how u irritate the hell out of him.You know the Rolex is fake right?Look through his collection, and look at any random watch and look shocked.Take out THAT watch and study it carefully, like holding it against the sun and all.(Make him think that watch is, by some fluke, an original) bargain the price with him, look hurried and excited.When he passes you the watch, quickly hide it, look at him, and walk away fast.Glance back every ten steps and smile mysteriously.

2.African Black Money Scam

OK, I think you've heard of this scam where this African dude will walk up to you, and sell you some money for a lower price and the money is painted black , and the Arican dude will wash the money to reveal, walla, spanking new notes.This is often accompanied by grandmother stories aboiut dying dictators who want to smuggle their fortune out of  Africa.The trick is, the second time he sells you the cheaper notes, its actually black paper.Now here's my idea to teach these guys a lesson.

Find a really fair skinned guy and paint him black with water colour.Then get someone to wash his face off with a miracle liquid(a.k.a water) and walla, he becomes white.Sell the african this mircale water.Now run.

-More to be continued...-


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting for "More to be continued" to be continued next year. Thank you.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Butterflyn said...

ahaha... I like the second trick.. I want more!
p/s: merry belated christmas dude

9:34 AM  
Anonymous The Riddler said...


5:01 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Sure thing sabar been a lil under the weather lately , gonna post tonite and mebeb you'll know why! :)

1:59 PM  

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