Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Long Overdue Post

Been two weeks almost since I last updated quite a lot happened in this two weeks.Up to date I have not yet been harassed, beaten publicly,arrested under ISA or sniped down by hunters for being brown and eating during Puasa.

Opened last week with getting FFKed by Francis the Bitch.How this was discovered was highly interesting.Keep in mind he works HIGH up on the Twin Towers

Me:Dei, so what time we meeting up?
Bad Liar:Ah, Dei cannot la, my boss ask me to work today.
Me:Ah ok, never mind lar..

Fast Forward an hour later, I was dead bored

Me: Dei what time you finish work?
Bitch of a Bad Liar: Ah, dei damn a lot of work la dei...cannot make it la
(Bunyi Paddle Pop ice cream sayup-sayup kedengaran in the background)
Me: Is that an ice cream man riding around on the lift ah?
Bitch of a Bad Liar:Err, um, oh...
Me:(Flurry of beautiful languages including to shove a piece of paddle pop in his you know where)

I hereby solemnly bestow upon Francis the title PJK- Pakar Janji Kosong!

Last week was my last week of training.Went to engineering department to find out. as part of our final assignment, basic information about cranes.Was instead treated to a confusing array of numbers and letters stringed togather by funny symbols that made as much sense to me as a algebra equation written in Aramaic.

Bewildered, all we could do was nod, as the engineer proceeded to explain the intricacies of structural strength and a host of other terms that really,made us feel more and more and more stupid.To be fair, he was trying to put is as simple as possible.But seriously, at that point of time I just wished someone would hit me with a big giant rock .

Also realized that the standard answer for any question to ship workers is "Haah."

Was in the a vessel that day, and was supposed to board it when I saw this guy untying the ropes and safety net to the gangway

Me:Hi, can I see the chief?
Dude in jumpsuit:Haah.(but proceeded to untie the ropes...see if he kept going, it would mean that I would board on here, and never get to get down till we reached some small island off China)
Me:Um, what time is this ship sailing?
Dude in jumpsuit:Haah.

Exasperated, I decided to put in place what little Mandarin I knew.Miracoulously it worked, because honestly speaking, I couldn't understand myself what the hell I was saying.And so the haahing ended.And the guy began to talk to me like I spoke the language well.Here, the art of nodding again came into good play.Except when he stops and expects an answer.Thats when I should go... "Haah."

Friend of mine just returned from his three month finals in England.Now we are technically quite close la, movie and yum cha buddies.There's six of us.So when we met last night, he distributed these cute Eiffel tower key chains to the five of us la.Thanked him and sincerely appreciated the gesture.This was the day I truly learnt the meanings of 'quit while you're ahead' and 'potong stim'. After we thank him, he proceeds to tell us..

Steam Cutter:Actually hoh, its cheap only about RM 1.
(Few seconds later)
Steam cutter: I was buying something else wan, then this lady din wanna give me back my change, so force me to take this stupid keychain a few lo.

Talk about pouring cold water on fire.Habis stim kena potong.


Anonymous yvy said...

*slaps forehead*

REAL potong stim lar....haiz.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...


stim terpotong takpe jangan lain g terpotong

10:50 AM  
Blogger Butterflyn said...

potong stim!
haah *nodding*

p/s: error in spelling my name; it's butterflyn, not butterfyln ;)

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Marvin Rifle said...

ahahaha so farneee,hehehe potong stim

5:58 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

yeala.sad huh. would write a new post tmr working midnite shift.

butterflyn- sorry la, slip of the finger, not fault of the mind :D

7:40 PM  

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