Sunday, September 18, 2005

An Eventful Week

The price of good employment is to bare one's (fake) ass in front of a host of people attending your company's annual dinner.For those of you who heard, laugh your asses off.For those who haven't, ignore these lines.

It was an eventful week.Besides the ackward feeling of wearing a lounge suit to an Indian wedding(because one idiot friend of mine had this brilliant idea of going for the wedding a la fifties- with a coat and your shirt collar folded over,outside the coat).And if birds of a feather indeed flock togather, I am an idiot/loser by now.Just kidding.

Visualize this.A group of guys who look fresh our of a comic book surrounded by people who look like they just came off a boat to visit their Indian relatives working in Malaysia.I mean seriously, it looked as though we were extras from Austin Powers lost on a Bollywood film set.Minus the chicks.Minus the glam.Anyway apart from looking like total aliens in our own church the suits were stuffy and we were panting like dogs inside a Chinese coffee shop.Despite my attraction to my paternal side of culture, I cannot/refuse to understand why people insist on wearing jasmines on their hair even when they know insects love to pollinate flowers,whether its on the tree, or on your head.Another reason to get myself a camera phone.I want to record the precious moment when finally, finally a swarm of bees attack an Indian lady's floral hairdo.

Short on cash?Rob any Indian wedding.Why?Coz all the older ladies will be wearing their life collection of gold around their neck and wrists.Many look like hip hop rappers and a few even might be able to challenge Mr T.It amazes me how they can turn their neck and lift their hands with all that gold.I mean, what next?One shot print the title deeds of your houses/land, your bank passbook and the JPJ letter for your car and carry it around la.Or here's an idea- make it into a T Shirt. "I own 30 cows." Glad to know this habit is dying down and the younger ones prefer to come with simpler accessories.Makes them look better.Then you actually can focus on the face rather than the bicycle chains choking it.

The dinner was not bad, but the idea of having ice carved swans too early in the evening that by the time the dinner was half way through, the swans were beheaded/decapitated would have left some kids screaming everytime they hear the Ugly Duckling story from henceforth.All in all- congratulations Alvin!

Nawruz asked me to blog on oil prices, so I guess I can.To me its simple, just stop living elaborately.Everyone should really stop spending more than they earn.Seriously , its really damn simple.There is no shame in driving a smaller car, or taking private transport.Its also simpler to eat one or two dishes at the economy rice stalls(which btw should be charged in court for misleading the public on prices) rather than piling meat on your plates.We don't really need popcorn when we watch movies right?Credit cards are evil.And the Star newspaper should stop reminding Malaysians that we are poor, we need to be frugal and in other words the economy is going to the dogs.Not all of us end up with 12 kids and 1300 per month.


Blogger Emmanuel said...

Komen la.98 hits no comment.Adui.

5:19 PM  
Blogger nawooz said...

haha...sorry lar dude. anywayz, economy rice brings back memories of petaling street and gu jun man. *wipes tears* good times!

8:10 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

gu jun LOL

The ever patrotic sun of a gun who probably is the number one contributor to the local taufu industry

9:53 AM  

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