Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ooops He did it again

Yep.They did it again.78 freaking sen this time, with a further 1.30 increase slated for August.WTF?????

Brings to mind the Pete Seeger song-"When will they ever learn, oh when will they...ever learn?"

Lost 5 states.Lost 2/3.Still making stupid decisions.This is only going to serve, if anything, to make Anwar even stronger than he is now, as he has promised to bring fuel prices down to RM1.42. Dear PM, let me help you do the math.If I were using 40 liters of fuel per week, I would now be paying 78sen x 40 x 4 = 124.80 extra. You are giving back RM 625, which will equate to 625/12 = RM52.08 which means I spend Rm124.80-RM52.08 = RM72.72 extra.How the hell is this supposed NOT to affect me?Mind you, I am using a bloody Kancil.What about those with higher cc cars?And you also conveniently increased the electricity tariff by 20%.Not to mention the amazing domino effect this is going to have, because EVERY SINGLE FIELD; manufacturing, service, medical, they ALL use the above two.So congratulations, sir, you just burdered your people further.

My heart goes out to the labourer on the road who earns RM 700 per month and will try to feed his three hungry kids after this.

My heart goes out to the orphanages, old folks homes, homes for the disabled that are already having a hell of a time to making ends meet.

My heart goes out to the fisherman, the paddy field worker, the rubber tapper and the palm oil plantation worker.

A protest is being held at Jalan Pasar, opposite RHB Bank and AmBank.If you can make it, please do support.


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