Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Of Cats and Dogs...and Why I'd be Happier as Either

My girlfriend took a picture of this cat, and asked me if there's anything interesting to blog about it.Well, apart from the fact that this cat reminds me of Garfield with its ultra lepak mannerism, nothing much I can blog about this particular cat la.I wonder why the ancient Egyptians bothered worshipping cats la.Smelly, furball spitting, hissing clawy creatures.But then again, the ancient Egyptians also worshipped dogs.And owls.And well, you get the idea.Anyway this cat proves that we are so sueh to be born humans.Work, taxes, relationships.A cat eats leftover food we stupid humans work so hard for, and seem to enjoy it more than we do.Taxes?Cats take whatever they want and mark their territory just by pissing on an area.No housing installments, no interest rates.I wish I could go piss on an area and claim it for my own.Cats are oblivious to the fact they are living among giants(i.e., us), denoting they are much more pyschologically stable than us.If you were living next to creatures as tall as a 20 foot building, would you be licking your fur?That's why I would be happier as a cat.

Was leaving for work yesterday morning and this cat and dog caught my attention.The day before I saw this same cat and dog 'chillaxin' outside my house, and started fighting.the huge ass dog seems to be quite useless while the pugilistic kungfu cat was basically kicking the mogrel's ass.Then in the evening I saw this two chilling together like in the pic.This morning, I saw the same two animals together again, only this time, the dog was trying to hump the cat!I was like wtf? I've heard of interracial la, but interspecies??Something new, definitely.See, thats another privillage of being an animal.Nobody would call you an animal if you had carnal urges.Here in Bolehland, all you need to do is say you're gay and inside the 4x4 you go.
I think cats and dogs are wise, powerful creatures.Like Jedi.I think they're Force attuned and cats are Dark side wielders and Dogs are Light side wielders.Damn I wanna be a dog or cat.Sure beats being a Malaysian.


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