Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Ideas for Malaysian Anime

Being the typical copycats that we are, Malaysians are a, well unoriginal people.We have copycat cars, copycat buildings, even copycat gameshows.I have before this blogged about copycat movies and copycat drama so this time why not copycat Anime rite?

Nah, Buto!

-In a small village in Kampar, there was a hantu musang who always raped unsuspecting villagers and sodomized male glue sniffers that squat outside the penghulus house.It is said that besides molesting simpletons, the ghost had a much more sinister plan.Though how exactly a ghost is able to conjure such plans is beyond mortal minds.Anyway the day comes where this hantu musang tries to sodok the village headmans son.The village headman, a master in 'silat ghaib' which is a form of ninja art taught to him by the Japanese soldiers during the Occupation, however, used a powerful 'jutsu' and shoved the musang into the body of an unborn child (as the host needs to be a virgin, and people in this village were so horny, they were fathers at 10) through the baby's ass.

So this kid grew up wondering why he had a tail and whiskers, but the kids thought he was suffering from a weird disease.He also wondered why they called him Buntut Musang, and having an ultra hairy butt and two fangs did not exactly prove to be the chick magnet factor he so badly needed at his age.

Anyway, this kid also grew up to learn silat ghaib (a real watered down version of Jutsu) and tried to control his ass-powers (Kentut Ajaib etc).He then faces off with the evil Raja Ular.His friend ,Sesakit has a special eye condition known as Sepetan.Using his Spet eyes, he can confuse people.The strength of the Sepet powers are determined by the distance the pupil is from its orginal position.In its most powerful form, the pupil disappears completely, and the Sepet is then called Membuta.

Later they discover the Musang has got nine dicks.When the Musang gets angrier, one more dick would be stand up.When all nine are erect, something phenomenal happens.Exactly what happens is still a mystery.

I wanted to continue but this is becoming stupid.Off to my next post :P


Blogger Mathan said...

and here i was...

waiting in anxiousness for other characters to make appearances... lol...

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