Thursday, May 08, 2008

In Defense of RPK..Our Hero!

I remember the first time I saw RPK, about six months ago.My good friends Shen , Shin ,Francis and I were supposed to get Shen drunk and go clubbing.Shen was then supposedly an alcohol virgin.Yea, he was a debate champion and all, but stilla n alcohol virgin.So while in the car, I joke about calling Ronnie Liu as we had met him just a week ago, and he had mentioned to call him when we were in town.So Shen actually did, and soon we met and spent a really good evening.RPK thought I was Malay and kept asking if I was UMNO.Fast forward a few months later while we were following Ronnie around, Raja was ever ready to support the Pakatan MPs giving talks in Klang on at least 6 occasions, talking in Brickfields for Nurul Izzah, Puchong for Gobind and everywhere his powerful voice was needed.I still remember in Pandamaran, the kickoff point for our P115 campaign, the local Chinese even bowed down (mostly coz they were unsure of protocol) when they heard he was royalty.After the elections, RPK was constantly around giving good advice to the Pakatan people on good governance and warning them if they were to veer from the path, he would clamp down on them just as he had with BN.His favourite jest line seemed to be "I support to be Opposition, so when you are the Government, I can no longer support you.."
RPK rocks.And this time its not going to be so easy for Barisan to dog him around with what is obviously a misuse of power.If Najib feels slighted by the article, he already replied to it via his PA.And if you feel it does not do you justice, sue RPK (get in line..) but do not use an archaic oppresive law which ranks way down there with the OSA and ISA to oppress someone.
If anything happens to RPK in prison, you, Barisan Nasional, especially you, Dato Seri DPM will be accountable.To the 52% who voted Pakatan and to the 6 states which you lost thanks to the likes of Raja Petra.
We will stand by RPK no matter what. Raja baik raja disembah, raja keji raja disanggah.
There will be a candlelight vigil tonight at Dataran Merdeka, following yesterday's candlelight vigil.Do try to come.
Update(12.30pm)- RPK has just posted bail in PJ Police headquarters...


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