Friday, May 09, 2008

Pet Peeves at the Office

You know how a peeve gets to you accumulatively?The feeling is elusive.I mean its there, but its not really there.In the end, the result is , it accumulates into this ultra huge irritation that consideration for suicide becomes warranted.Being gainfully; or rather painfully employed (read : office drone) , I have a few of my own la.

Cafeteria- Honestly,they should just downgrade it to like prison canteen status or somethings.Simple breakdown of their cooking style- Green vege becomes white paste, red meat becomes black charcoaled hardened object, white rice becomes brown pebbles and curries/dishes become little more than lightly flavoured water with pieces of meat and vege(refer earlier description) floating in it.And the cancer-inducing coloured water they pass off as soft drinks add insult to the injury la.

Toilet-Are extremely clean but the cleaners are a bit too hardworking.I work in the least inhabitated floor in the least inhabitated building companywide- 8 people stationed and around 5 people actually around at any time in the entire floor.And still we get toilet traffic jams!! We have 2 toilets with 6 cubicles each, meaning, 12 cubicles for eight people.So logically, even if ALL of us had to piss at the same time, we would be alright right?NO...coz the cleaner likes to lock the damn toilet up and God knows what she does in there for 1 hour per go, THREE times a DAY!!

So basically the beautiful toilet is rendered useless for almost half of its 'operational hours'.At the rate this is going, I am going to have kidney stones in no time.

Pantry-Comes equipped with those nescafe machines that automakes making teh tarik, Milo, Capuccino , white coffee and like 10 more drinks.The problem is no one fills all the containers up, so most of the time my Milo comes out a pale white.Worse is then they mix up the drinks and my Milo tastes like tea, and my Teh tarik is being made using green tea!I am now convinced that such machines should only be used for ornamental purposes or for Feng Shui reasons.


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