Thursday, April 17, 2008

Malaysianized Famous Drama Series

I was walking in Aeon Bukit Tinggi last week when I noticed this movie KL Drift: Evolusi. If you have not yet figured,its a pretty gaudy ripoff of another similarly named movie originating in America and set in Japan.Which set me wondering, if Malaysian dramas were to take a turn to become shadows of their successful Western counterparts, what would they look like?

Pecah Keluar (Prison Break)-A Mat Rempit named Mat is arrested and harrased for not joining UMNO's Putera wing(not to be confused with Umnoputra) on fake sodomy charges.His brother, a Mat Motor named Jiwang realizes his brother was framed and attempts to break him out.After several failed dramatic attempts, they give up and just bribe the prison guard with RM 30 and some Gudang Garam cigarettes.Once out and staying a cheap hotel in Chow Kit, Mat falls in love with a prostitute who turns out to be a former child math genius. They are followed by a mysterious Indonesian secret agent trailing Mat.There could be more to this than Mat realizes..

Surirumah Jalang (Desperate Housewives)- In a posh neighbourhood in Uptown KL, there is a street known as Jalan G.Occupied by rich businessmen and politicians who were busy all the time, the houses became playpens to those rich but otherwise undesirable wives.One day, in an Esctasy induced fit, one of these housewives trips on her chihuahua and falls on a clothesline. Being a dumb blonde,albeit a fake hairdyed one, she gets confused and utterly, accidentally hangs herself.The PDRM is called in, but they come only three days later because they are too busy harrassing Opposition politicians, so by the time they do arrive, the housewife, known as Mia Ng passes away.The entire story thereafter revolves around Mia telling us about her slutty friends and how cheating in a marriage is justified as long as your husband does not know about it.

Jaguh-jaguh (Heroes)- People from different parts of Malaysia, unrelated to one another suddenly discover they have superpowers.There's a girl who can gross people out by breaking and reattaching her limbs, a guy who can cook Maggi mee without using a gas stove, a dude who can recite the alphabet backwards in 10 seconds and a politician who can make entire bank accounts vanish.A mysterious guy named Sial goes around killing this superpowered people , and about half of them die before anyone notices there are freakos dying.Eventually, they discover a mutant called Cicak Man who teaches them how to use their power for good.Unfortunately he dies before he actually does anything useful.He leaves our Jaguhs with the cryptic message.. "Save the Maths-genius-turned-escort, save the world."Hence, a certain political party's resolve to save all maths geniuses who turn to the Dark Side.Or was that turn to their back side?

Lesap (Lost)-300 strangers crammed up in an AirAsia flight discovers exactly what budget travel means when their parachutes do not inflate and they free fall into Sepilok.There they discover the Others who are actually government agents sent to clone Opposition supporters and kill the original to produce phantom voters.As the story unfolds, we discover stories through flashbacks, where we see one survivor to actually was a murderer, one was a disgraced doctor and another used to be a circus clown turned Buddhist monk turned politician.


Blogger Expedited Writer said...

LOL, that post of yours sent me into fits of laughter. Hilarious, I really liked the Malay adaptation to the titles. "Surirumah Jalang"


1:19 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

LMAO Eh Charmaine, Jolin is in town.I'll probably be meeting her at Waikiki this weekend.Wanna join?

1:38 PM  
Blogger Mathan said...

oh damn that was funny...

300 people in an Air asia flight sort of clinched it for me... lol...

5:57 PM  

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