Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good evenings

Before I finished work yesterday, Syamsyer kindly invited me to a dinner with my ex group mates at Carlton Holiday's Meng Yuen.Was a nice dinner, especially as I really missed my old groups' guys' 'lawak-lawak spontan'.Halfway through the dinner, Sam Chong SMSes saying that he is in Uncle Lee's house and asking if I'd like to join.Well, RPK was there, so I would almost certainly never say no.Francis Chang, Dr Cheah and of course Ronnie .His newly installed PA, Shin was there too.

As usual RPK never fails to stun his audience with his flair for speeches and we were mesmerized till 1am.So after 1, by the time I get home with Syamsyer its about freaking 2am.I fell asleep at 3, only having to wake up at 6.Hence my current foggy state of mind and why you're probably wondering why my typing today makes little sense and is little more than drunken incoherent babbling.


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