Friday, May 23, 2008

Douglas' Farewell at Waikiki

Note to self: Oh GOD its been ages since I posted any photos on my blog.Iamturningintoatextbasedlongwindedfuckingassholewhotypestoomuchwhennotmanypeoplewannalistenorreaditanyway

Anyway..Douglas and Mrinal's farewell at Waikiki turned out to be a journey of self discovery for me...

Our Indian import,Mrinal, shares his gentle side with Chow.Eng Hoe practises how to press Mrinal's nipples.

Chow grabs something.People retaliate.
Its a free for all.An innocent bystander,Michelle is caught up in this err,male mating ritual.
Chow and I share a moment where I attempt to carry a tune but fail miserably.
A white pastor, Douglas Brown from the OSD Church preaches to the crowd on the effects of sodomy and how God hates people who takes it from the back.


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