Saturday, January 13, 2007

Promised Pics: Christmas Trees

Pic 1: The Christmas tree we set up (Pravin,Yap and myself)....not bad for a last second, half an hour job huh?Night view

Pic 2:The Christmas tree in KLCC.....went there with the guys sometime before Christmas

Pic 3:The Christmas tree at my house again, morning view.Looks really different la.

Pic 4: Christmas presents under our tree : got Kudomono San something as well.Hope she liked it

Pic 5:Christmas tree at First World, where the gang and I spent New Years Day

Yea....finally can post the pics sooooo much promised but never came la.So a few posts of pics instead.Sorry could not post the Christmas trees from Midvalley (my camera died) or One U (My phone ran out of battery)...or the Curve (Too damned crowded) or Tesco (if you read my earlier post, you'd know why.

Suddenly feel warm and fuzzy inside.Was it the phone call I just had with my amazing girl, or was it the Christmas tree pics... ? :P


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