Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What is So Different In This Relationship

Now with the clarification out of the way, would like to answer Soo, Francis, and a few other friend's question to why this relationship is so different.Especially Francis.Here goes dude.There are much more to this list, but its more mushy, I'm afraid she will go 'Piang' reading it, Tong will call and yell at me for me being a drama king,Kay will report it to my whole group and

1.I wake up in the morning with an irresistable urge to hear her voice.
2.The same urge before I go to sleep.The same every damn hour of the day.
3.Lots of stuff I wanna do for her I would not have done for myself.
4.I know she loves me back.For real.
5.I remember every minute detail about her from a year plus back.The smell of her hair when we first met.Her first words to me,and what she wore, and the same goes for every meeting in between.
6.Her smile makes me smile.
7.It does not feel like I am making any effort, it feels, natural and fitting, very correct.It just feels so right.
8.I do not want her to change.Same with her to me.
9.Our birthdates match perfectly (the highest level of compatibility in every type of horoscope, Western,Chinese,Indian, Egyptian, Hebrew.)Kinda written in the stars though I'm not supposed to believe in it la.
10.My heart tells me its right.


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