Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year Resolutions and Spoof Kaizen

So the New Year has came and went, with no major event happening in my life.Been a pretty cold day for me.The weather's been sucky these few days and the girl's feeling down too .... somehow I feel connected to her on an emotional level.I am sure Bodicea's gonna call me an Emo (the natural enemy of her pet evil Grues) but hey, this girl is special k sis =P

So that apart, and the fact I cannot post pictures from where I am (relax la will post it in a few hours time from home) Just thought it would be nice to reflect on the year that was...Have a lot to be thankful for the last year I guess.

-Developed many great friendships, at work, further developed my friendships with my closest friends, rekindled some friendships from my younger days and made some new blog-friends even.

-Met and fell in love with this amazing girl and admired her for a year plus before finally fate forced me to ask her out in a series of bizzare but fortunate events.And thank goodness it did :). And now we are a couple, again as fate would have it.Have always believed things happened for a reason.

-Became closer with my parents, since my sister left for the States, its basically just me and them at home.

-Felt appreciated at work.And to a certain degree, some recognition.May not seem much to many, but to me it meant that working extra hours, and trying my best paid off.Its a great morale booster for me to strive harder.Plus I have someone in my life now, that makes striving harder much more meaningful.

-Started listening to Praise and Worship and more hit pop songs,so I guess I am moving radical in both directions LOL.Started picking up Japanese movies

-Started learning Japanese, though its moving at a glacial pace, gave up smoking.For matters of the heart.

-Starting reading again.After abandoning my long lost love for reading, rekindled it last year, bought about 15 books in all,mostly classics, some to re-read.Especially loved Les Miserables (re-read), the Great Gatsby(re-read), Tess D' Ubervilles and Let's Roll (on Todd Beamer, the 9/11 hero).Also finally got down to understaning WTF was Kaizen all about (the 5Ss) and trying to practise this at home and at work.Not doing an amazing job at it though- bedroom's still a mess.Basically Kaizen is all about cleanliness la, no amazingly new formulae like BPR or TQM

To the uninitiated-

SEIRI: create tidyness. Throw away all unused stuff, file away the rest
SEITON: keep evertything at the right place. Keep the tools you need accessible, hide materials you don't need regularly
SEISO: keep your space clean, remove all traces from the previous task before starting the next
SEIKETSU: develop a personal sense for organizing your things. Develop routines, optimize your system according to your needs
SHITSUKE: stay disciplined doing the above, make it a habit and permanent practice

So I was thinking ...maybe I should start my own business-idea-acumen-thingie-based-on-some-pesudo-socio-cultural-cocknbull.....

I was thinking of calling mine the Panda Path.How to succeed in the corporate world.

Since my name starts with E, It will consist of 5 (as usual) Es la.

1.Email- Send out lots of email no matter how useless they may be.

2.Eat-Always bring your clients out to makan and bill to your company.

3.Enjoy-Same as Eat, but involves alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

4.Essentialize- Means do only what you need be done today and keep the rest for another day so you always look busy.

5.Evoke God- No, I do not mean pray, I mean when all else fails, throw religion in their face, i.e. its an excuse they cannot say no to (e.g. Boss, I did not complete that assignment coz its against my religious beliefs).Generally speaking bosses do not usually like to mess with God, not because they are a religious lot, but because they fear lawsuits and demonstrations by MCCHBCHS,SIS, PPIM,Persatuan Bekas Polis Malaysia and all other organizations that enjoy demonstrating.

My relationship with Kudomono San was hands down the biggest upper for 2006, turning it from an OK year to a great year.Yep, so perfect its almost heavensent.And perhaps she is.

OK, here are my resolutions for the new year, some already known.

-Never ever make Kudomono San feel sorry for the decision she made on 3rd December

-Learn enough Japanese to have a meaningful conversation apart from the two words Ie and Itai.

-Stay in touch with those friends whom I re-acquainted myself with last year

-Try not to neglect the Myopic Lion Gang while I build a relationship with Kudomono San.

-Strive harder at work

-Read up more on history.

-Be more active in UPP, IKD

-More gym, less TV.

-More blogging, less Friendster.

-Less Genting.

-Give up more stuff for my yearly fast.Ask for less (I am only asking for one thing only this year :)  )

-Give back more to society by work, deed and kind.

-Learn to accept that God has a plan for me and trust Him to do it.He's never failed me before and I should stop fearing that He ever will. some of it.The idealist in me would love to add crap like save all the whales, stop global warming and preach to MENJ, but we do what we can, when we can , believe it is enough and hold true to the hope that everyone else does their part,if they can, when they can.

Alone we are one, Togather we are many.If every man scooped a glass of seawater, how much shallower would the oceans be?

To a beautiful, fruitful 2007.




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