Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year Post

Sigh.Its been too long and I've grown lazy of posting LOL.Not a pretty good way to start the New Year but damn it I had a lousy New Year celebration.Had dinner with my colleague, Chua at Bukit Tinggi and it was packed with humans.At least they looked humanoid though totally lacking in parking ethics,eating manners and sometimes leaves you wondering if we are evolving for the better or worse.

So after eventually getting a place and fending off some DVD sellers, we eat up and enjoy the New year concert featuring a cultural show and a ginat Chicken Little that looked like the organizers stole a KFC Superchook outfit and gave it a hairdo.

Then my buddies, Myopic Lion and Alcaholic buzz me asking if I had plans for New Years Eve.I had none.At that point at least.Buzzing Pogo was out of the question- he was religious and spent New years eve praying for world peace.Buzzing Milky Boy was out as well, as unlike us, he had a social life (BTW its his birthday today- so happy birthday dude)

Then Audrey buzzes me asking me to join her,and gang in the Curve.EJ weighs his options.Chicken Little doing the Numa Numa versus fireworks at the Curve.So he calls the two and within minutes they are off on a road heading into a traffic jam and hopefully at the end of it, a New Year's celebration.

I have NEVER been for any fireworks show in his life for New Years so it was kinda exciting la.As a kid I was pretty much useless la.Lion Dance,Dragon Dance, Fireworks, Santa Claus and turtles, basically anything that did not look or sound normal, scared me.The  when I was a teenager, my dad forbade anything flying and sparkly near our house, no thanks to my childhood pyromanic tendencies (I once lit about twenty candles in my dressing cabinet and scared my parents half to death).Then there was the Chinese New Year (I think I was in Form 2) where my dad bought a huge arsenal of fireworks, and for a few days I got worried, coz I was sick a few days before that , and when my dad bought all those forbidden items, I thought I was suffering from a rare disease and was going to die soon, but my parents was not telling me :P

After I was convinced that all I had was a sore throat and not a terminal illness , and that my sore throat is not likely to deteriorate into  a terminal illness, happy me started launching rockets into people's houses.But its been a while since I burned pretty fire.Yep I was a highly pessimistic child.So sue me =P

So yeah, back to the story.So we arrive at the Curve and Audrey and Shum were there and we waddled/scuttled our way through drunk revellers and some people pretending to be drunk while holding a bottle of Heineken.Oh yeah, Heineken costs 20 bucks per bottle on New years Eve.We bought 3 buckets and waited for the fireworks to start.The music was crappy.There were too many people and when the countdown started, I was not nearly as drunk as I hoped to be.So when you're still sober, evidently seeing some lights in the sky is about as exciting as turning on your house flourescent lamp.I am convinced that if I was drunk enough I could enjoy anything, even some dude trying to sell me MLM.But nope, all I see was some lights and people pretending to be excited about these lights (To fully illustrate my point will be posting the pics soon)

So yea.Watered down Heineken in hand, not nearly half as drunk, DJ playing lousy songs and some Ah Bengs singing 'Auld Lang Syne' which sounded really like a Beyond song from the way they were singing it in the background, warm night , boring fireworks display and people spraying potentially deadly 'snow' foam in my face.Yep.Whee.

Then as I thoght things could not get worse, the DJ starts shouting F u.....F u....

I did not believe my ears.A scan in the crowd will show we were generally not high.At 20 dollars a bottle, to be drunk you'd either have to be an above average income earner or a below average drinker and I think most of us were neither.So when the dumb DJ who's been playing crappy songs all night did that, I have never felt a greater urge to slug someone (to the uninitiated, shouting F U in a club when the patrons are high is common, it gets the mood up...but in this case you feel like throwing beer at his face)And I was so tempted to launch a bottle his way, but starting a riot is probably not the best way to start the New Year.

At about 4 am we slept, woke up at 6 to go up Genting, with the two again, plus Pogo .We were this time armed with tonnes of meat (ham, baloney,etc) , wine, junk food etc.And we were NOT going to get stuck in the casino, or at least that was what we thought.The first day was OK.The rest of the gang lost money, and I was losing money too, but when my lucky angel called, luck spinned and I managed 3 minor jackpots within the hour :P

But the second day, we insisted on going to the theme park even though there was a big ass announcement on the ticketing counter-"RAINING SEASON"

So in we go, paid 37 bucks for what we thought was gonna be a long day.First we take the spinning swinging thingie (they put you on something that looks like a swing and spin you above ground).Been on those in Disney and Alton Towers before.Somehow it seemed more cool when I was a kid (read : midget like)

Thats about it.Coz then it starts raining cats and dogs and everything closes.We lined up for 45 mins to take a stupid ride (I think it was called Cyclone) and it looked as about as exciting as taking the Komuter from Teluk Gadong to Klang.And when it came to our turn (we were on the railing, next to go...) it stops.So there we were stuck with our safety harness on.Sigh.And some Japanese tourists started pointing and giggling some more.

Really disappointed that Genting made clean RM 33 from us (the swinging thingy cost 4 bucks per ride) we wanted to watch the Salsa dance by some Latin dancers.But as luck would have it, just as we approach the stage, the last few steps were being danced and they bowed and scurried away.So back to the casino it was.And there at least I learnt a lesson before going down la.Stop trying to understand the Genting jackpot machines.Put in 50 bucks into one unit, which features rabbits and lots of cool animation.So when you are betting 25 credits or 50 sen a swing, and your whole screen stops , some music plays and some rabbits do some hoppy thingy on your screen you'd be hoping for something big right?Some winner music plays and the credit column announces that I won a whooping.......4 credits.Or basically 8 sen.

Disillusioned I thought I'd just finish it and get some Genting points (like Bonuslink, but for Genting) and one of the pulls, I got something that seemed to ba a fart-like dynamite explosion, and since the big animation got me like 8 sen I was expecting like 0.005 sen or something.But the counter went up to a few puluh ringgit la.So I pulled out my money and left.Moral of the story, just play and stop trying to understand anything.Machines , croupiers and dealers cannot lie, they will pay you out.So just play la hehe.

Time to make some resolutions.But that will have to wait another day.Have a great year ahead my friends!





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Blogger Irzan said...

i thought ure narcisstic?

12:28 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

How is this NOT being narcisstic?I Do not follow...

11:33 AM  

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