Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Am So in Love...and a bad toll Experience

Its been 50 days since I started dating and its going smooth and silky.
Every morning I wake up thanking God that He gave me someone like this in my life and every night, I thank him again for another day with her.

And writing about her on my blog may seem mushy to some la, like certain individuals who call me and putting the worse girl voice ever says "Sorry darling I forgot your pasta" and proceeds to cackle away (basket Francobash, wait till you fall in love with a fat momma type of chick with a giant pottu on her forehead, chewing tobacco and making vadai the size of car tyres...then I will call you and go "Darling I forgot your vadai " and cackle)

So besides that, went to the Curve with my buddy Syer and watched Pathfinder which was basically a movie about a white confused dude who wanted to be Red Indian or something, since there were no black people in America yet at that time, and no rappers, and the only thing you could be besides a vicious white Viking was a half naked native American, so I guess being a rebel kids meant stripping and sharpening your stone tipped arrow heads and wooden spears.

On the way back though, my buddy decides to be adventurous and take an unknown route so on and on we drove on like the WORSE road in Malaysia.Seriously, I don't expect the Superbahn from our Dato Semi Value, but this was sad.Then as we got lost, I saw some 'Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional' signboard and reading closer it read 'Ditaja Oleh Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar' OMG.....we were seriously lost.In some kampung somewhere.

Then after what seemed an endless drive....we finally see...a toll gate!

Imagine my shock ...a kampung dirt, lopak-lopak road, and a toll gate, which has a barrier that does not work, a toll attendant wearing a baju tidur (you know the loose batik type the makcik like to wear) and a display that does not light up (the on that shows u how much to pay)...instead they had some badly spelt stickers in the shape of "50 sen....trima kaseh" or something like dat....

OK now if that doesn't tell you we are overcharging for toll, I dunno what will.Damn stupid Gahmen.In English its called daylight robbery.


Blogger Lizzam said...

"itsumo aishiteru"

"aishiteru nagai ji" is the in word in my japs circle...try la

4:53 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

LOL....domo arigato .nan dedemo ii yo.

8:27 PM  

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