Sunday, January 14, 2007

Apology to the Girlfriend

Feeling really really sad as I write this, coz I have made the ONE real person I care for, sad.I made her cry, all coz I was stupid enough to reject one real generous gesture, but only coz I was afraid for her safety.She offered to bring some food, that she had cooked for me, coz she worried that eating instant noodles everyday and it was bad for my health.... but I was worried coz the road coming into the work place is wet coz it was raining,and so asked her to bring it another day. Usually there is no such thing as too much love la, but in this case, concern+concern= miscommunication+hurt.

I understand how she feels, I used to cook (still do) and pasta is a biatch to cook.To get the texture right in hot water is a headache.So she must have felt hurt after the trouble, plus she made it vegetarian, coz I am now one.Especially for me ... I really felt so touched, I dated before, no one, has done this for me before...but I turned it down and asked her to bring it another time..

But I had a reason; or at least I thought so at that time...- I wanted to see her more,I wanted to date her an extra day.So asking her to bring it a day extra would mean an extra date, and it marked a special occasion, for which I've bought her something....but it was a miscalculation and now my girl is sad and its all my stupid fault.

Dear, if you are reading this I am really sorry k.After all the stuff I did for you, you should know by now I would never hurt you.Had I known this would be the result, I would have drove down to your place to collect it today itself....

Please don't be mad anymore.Sorry I bombarded your phone with apology SMSes, but the thought of you mad at me , the guilt is just overbearing.Especially when I swore to myself that you would never cry again.

I feel miserable at the moment.My only consolation is that she has kinda understood why I did it, and hopefully forgiven me la.But it still doesn't make me feel less guilty for the stupid thing I did today.


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Blogger stev said...


glad that it worked out

still females are silly & they know it... ooops. not helping much am i.

anyways communication is the key. still looks like u got ur priorities straight ;)

1:16 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Yes it seems I did.Its all well now.Thanks for the concern :)

8:29 PM  

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