Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to Klang

Well am black in Klang again.Yes for those of you who do not know where that is, just follow the long trail of reporters headed to Datuk Zakaria's mansion.It will eventually lead you there.
The trip was ultra amazing.We were living in constant fear of the religious authorities though (if you want to know why, add me on MSN and ask me UID emmanuel_83) lol coz I have this paranoia that there's this huge room in the PM's department called the Blog Surveillance Room. Its there, I am sure togather with the other rooms like Coffee Shop Watch, Supermarket Spycams. And I am sure the red light that comes out of urinals in men's toilets actually measure the size of your penis for goverment secret data.

Too sick to blog (coughing like a dehydrated dog) and stuff.Hope to blog about my experiences there, including eating on a treehouse, lepaking near a sun dial and other stuff la.But for now.My crooked bed awaits.I've been dreaming of Christmas lately.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hehe....finally a long deserved vacation after watching all my friends (enviously) enjoy their holidays and my staff enjoy their triple pay (hmm...I don't getany extra pay, kesian rite).So I get even by spending my 16 odd balance annual leave, taking 4 days off to go to Johor to enjoy a short respite and visit an old primary school good friend of mine who's getting married (at 23, young hoh).
So anyone in Singapore or JB over the weekend do call me laer.Will be staying at Eden (yeah, the place which has duty free booze and cancer sticks hehe)so if you guys are game, drop me a line at (zero one two six three eight nine three double zero) Pls do indentify with yer blog/MSN/Yahoo ID name la coz I would never guess the correlation between a Blue Cube and a Lizzam or a spyder and yeats, or Charmaine and cynical idealism.And the list goes on.
Off to holiday in like 4 hours....woo hoo.woo.hoo.And I am not single anymore.Double woo hoo.
Peace of the Lord be with you all.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

The Deepavali that was

This Deepavali was quite a mediocre one for me.I remember when I was a kid, I used to follow my dad around and wish all the Uncles and Aunties Happy Deepavali, to get an leftover-from-CNY 'angpow' (as those days not many banks printed 'Happy Deepavali' mini-envelopes.The day would start with a visit to my dad's friends restaurant in Klang, where it is probably the only time of the year I do not see my dad ordering like a baldi full of kambing (coz its an open house ler)

Then we would go house hopping bumming lunch etc from my family's many friends.This would be either an indication or popularity or ultimately coz we have way too much time to idle around.or to save money to buy lunch, and dinner that day.Anyway, after wishing some never seen before seen,obscure Uncle (more like murmuring) there would be that would go "Oh, you so big boy already- I used to see you when you were this small <gestures hand to remarkably low height,perhaps lower than a hobbit suffering with growth deformity>

I remember being ushered into a room togather with the other sulking kids because all our dads were discussing 'important' (not to be confused with impotent) stuff like world peace, the state of the world, the Gulf War and critisizing our nation's leaders from the sidelines.All while sipping beer, a drink that till this day I refuse to accept as a 'man's' drink. I do not mind whiskey or some other liquor but beer and me do not go well.My skin rejects it (I turn bright red like a prawn and itch all over, including probably the hairs on my nipples), and my mind rejects it as well.It would be screaming the 'kelauns' (Malayanized clown version that I call most of my friends when they turn drunk)  would with his jolly face go "Down Mike, Down" and thats just about when I would have turned into three things(of which my dad says most people turn to when they become stone drunk)

a) Extremely Silent.I look like a dog thats ready to bite off your finger if you try to feed me more beer.

b) Extremely Noisy. Buy me more alcahol and I might shut up.

c) Extremely, outstandingly brave.So far I have not been beaten up yet, but I have went and dirty danced some girls, got a few phone numbers(no thanks to my colleagues and boss) and further information would be too explicit for this blog, lest little children and household pets be mortified reading it.

Geez, and to think I will probably be doing that in a few years (form a mini UN and run for office in the Coffee Shop version of Toastmasters)

Deepavali was more silent this year, with many people being very wary and perhaps uneasy at the call of certain quarters to refrain from wishing your Hindu friends etc.But to most of the Indians (myself included) give me my muruku in one hand, a glass of your favourite alcaholic beverage on the other, and some Sivagasi music in the background and you have yourselves and instant ball.

OK, enough about my memoirs, what did I do this year.Lets see- I fortunately got the day off (but am working on Raya- double shift some more) Visited some friends in the morning and took this cute kuih with choc covering.I took only one but the thing came in a cup(like cupcakes) and had 6 cups under it (by accident I think) and when my friends' wife came to clear the table, she smiled knowingly at me(I almost screamed- No!! I did not just gobble 6 of your cup-thingies). I somehow feel its gonna be the last time I get called to this friends house.

Then went to KLCC to watch Prestige with three buddies of mine.I got stared around weirdly coz I went into Chilli's and ate before 'Buka Puasa' (remember- I look Malay). To make matters worse, I sat right under the DBKL sign asking restaurants to respect the month of Ramadan.I was thinking of ordering beer, but decided against it as I did particularly feel it was a good day to be dragged outside and beaten into a pulp by a crowd yelling 'Murtad!' before my wallet drops out and someone realizes I am not Malay.Then they'll probably continue beating me for not telling them sooner, and made them batal puasa :D

Oh yea, were dressed to club coz was not satisfied as we did not manage to get a seat at Italianesse (Curve) and had to go eat some stuff at Vivo only( yeap, you read that right- I am gradually exploring outside the boundaries of Klang-Earth)

So what do we do, when you're all dressed up in KL and got nothing to do?Go up to Genting of course.It was so damned packed we had to park outside ( 2 hotel car parks full) which made me make a mental note to  myself- get really rich and make Genting offer me  a platinum membership (they get reserved parking)

So we spent the wee hours there and had Starbucks and came down.Oh yea, and my credit card application got rejected.Get this, before they asked for my salary slip (10 days before) so I'm left wondering ...has this bank heard of this invention called the phone? Do they not communicate between departments and can someone who checked out my credit rating please tell the dude/ dudette that stamped rejected on my application,which btw was before they called my office that my annual income IS quite a bit higher than their minimum requirement  and that I have two deeds under my name that usually you offer a free card for taking a loan to buy either one of it.I have them, paid in full.And a sizeable FD account.And some stock.And some unit trusts.I have no loan outstanding or don't owe anyone money.Would you rather me be a retired gardener to 'be safe' in giving me a stupid card before you are satisfied I can afford it?

Since I did not yet mention the bank name, will leave you guessing.But will be taking one out from Citibank as soon as I get my income tax information for this year.Sheesh.Or I would work harder in life to get it.There, I'm done ranting out at this bank and am now cheerful again :) And yeah, will be forwarding a formal complaint to their bosses.That was a spoiler of the week, no doubt.

And there is also a uplifter of  a week.Happened just today, actually.A girl I've had an eye for since a year ago (call it a small crush, a minor infatuation or a mild obsession) agreed to go out with me : D

So yeah, pretty soon will probably be not so single anymore.Hehe..God is great la.Give what you needs just when He knows you need it.Now God, what about that credit card ;)

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Takaful Incident: Questions Arisen

And so the Takaful incident draws to a close.And not a moment too soon if you ask me.This has dragged on for far two long with no apparent reason apart from a man's overzealousness to begin with, and the disturbing silence that ensued for a few days.As usual, everyone will start talking only after the PM speaks.Democracy my brown ass.

So this would go down as a good thing, while the spin doctors put this down as another sterling example of how tolerant and wonderful and peachy Malaysia is..Am I missing something here or isn't anyone addressing the issue?En Fauzi is not the only one who feels the way he does.Fact remains, there are more and more Malaysian Muslims (which is not only the bumiputras, but even immigrants from Indonesia who seemed to have forgotten their roots) who are feeling increasingly 'impatient' with us non Muslims.Here's the issue as I see it-

The liberal Muslims and your average non-Muslim like me, feel that Malaysia is going 180 degrees in her liberal identity.We generally feel that our society, government and way of life are being re-engineered gradually to fit the image of a Muslim country.And we don't get why we are trying to go the Wahabbi way (i.e. more Saudi) when there are better examples of Muslim countries, even if you must implement it, such as Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt et cetera.Some, who have had the opportunity to travel abroad, don't get the attitude of some local Muslims, who like her occasionally piss off a whole bunch of us by comments calling us non Muslims pigs, dogs et cetera.No, I do not understand the need for the entire world to spin around you.I do not understand how eating dinner in a public place is offensive.Do you want all of us to fast with you or how?

That would make MENJ extremely happy won't it?If all of us would convert to Islam.But if you tell me, politely, if things I do is offensive to you because of your religious beliefs, be it because you're Muslim, or Hindu, or Sikh, or Bahai, or even Satanist, and its logical, of course I will oblige you, as you are my brother and sister, my fellow citizen, my fellow human.Coz, if you can get this offended by someone eating and preventing you from breaking fast (or in her case perhaps stuffing your cheeks full with food like a bunny)and resort to calling me animal names, I am worried what might happen should something more serious occur, like me resisting the implementation of hudud and qisas.But I am grateful that this spate of spite has also ended.

But it raises, perhaps more questions than answers.Where do we, as a nation stand in all this, where do we stand on a global scale?Are we to join the ranks of Saudi Arabia and Iran, or the ranks of Turkey and Jordan? Or do we join the likes of Denmark or Finland?Which model works for us.But perhaps the more pertinent question would be- where do we as non Muslim Malaysians stand in all this and how we fit into the equation.

The latest fiascos on the Bumi equity rate, the building of Chinese schools, and questions being raised about wishing each other well during festivities are very disturbing pieces of news. The government paints a rosy picture that all is well in Bolehland, and that its only a few whose thinking swings left, but is it really so?

This bunch of people, on this end, usually believes that we are scaring away investors, tourists and talent who are terrified at the mere notion of a Muslim state, just because they themselves feel that way.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you have some people who feel we have always been a Muslim country, and that they, in their ever gracious kindness has hosted us infidels and that we are a bunch of ungrateful ingrates who have been able to work, live and eat here, and even own big businesses and that we are stepping way out of line by questioning any motive of any moves they make.

This type of people typically believes that we are not Muslim enough, not nearly as much as they hope for and that by being more Muslim, we will attract more Arab tourists, Arab money and Muslim talent, and perhaps even rebuild the glorious days where the Ottoman Empire and Islam stood as the bastion of knowledge and wealth of Europe, the time that gave us Avicenna, Ibn Khaldun and so on.

So, to me, the simplistic Takaful incident got me thinking- where are we headed to now? Which direction

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Cracked Me Up

 This   really made my day.. a guy called Bob is rooting for St Francis Xavier to be or Statue of Liberty-LOL.Well bro, there's already a statue of liberty in Genting (which is actually a symbol of liberty in itself) Indoor Park that you might wanna check out.
And the haze is getting so bad I can hardly see my hands !
Willl blog on the floods due to high tide in the evening.Good God, one natural anomaly after the other.Maybe we should stop hunting squirrels and other small furry animals.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Scenes from My Life

Clouds near Pulau Indah where I work
Cloud and sunrise near Genting Highlands
Cloud and Sunset- Penang Bridge
Again Penang Bridge

Yep, I am obsessed with clouds and hidden suns LOL.There are lot more pics to post, will try and mix writeup posts and a few photo pics :D. My head was numb today, hence the photo post.All photos taken with my beloved Nokia.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Only In Malaysia Part 1

Now that everything is cleared up, i can finally get down to writing my forte- absolutely pointless ramblings on anything and everything that crosses my extremely feeble and indecisive mind.Was thinking about the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and the pitch the Government is trying to sell to those poor Sheikhs from Saudi Arabia who probably think of Malaysia as a less hotter, more poorer version of their country that has better quality theme parks and shopping malls.Or to those poor Mat Sallehs as a tropical island paradise cum safe haven from terrorists and so on and so forth.Well, as a responsible citizen of the world , I feel obliged to point out several truths about Malaysia to our brethren from across the globe about this country.I think its what Malaysia truly Malaysia.Specially dedicated to my foreign friends.

Only in Malaysia can you find...

1) Almost a hundred seafood restaurants lined up row by row and crazy/mad/obsessed/gila makan KL folk, Singaporeans fill these roads on weekends to eat overpriced sea shells that has a 50-50 odds of actually having anything IN those shells apart from cooked mud.

2)Magazines, banners and newspaper ads advertizing a a beautiful sandy beach in the middle of  a historic city where this maiden is said to be stabbed or something and she's innocent but when you get there you find this tiny beach with like 20 people walking around and if you look hard enough you probably can see some covert agents from BERNAS burning rice and tossing it onto the fields for excited camera wielding red nosed sweaty British tourists to yell "Look Hon, there's still some scorched rice here!"

3)After you visit the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and the largest Buddhist statue in Southeast Asia, and the largest Hindu gathering site in Southeast Asia,and the oldest church in Southeast Asia, don't forget to visit the largest casino in Southeast Asia, and our largest brewery.Indeed we celebrate diversity in harmony :)

4)In case you get overwhelmed by the sight of some pretty girls in the airport putting flowers over your head and some guys beating little drums,please do not be alarmed.We are not cannibals and this is not a prayer ritual prior to sacrificing you to our volcano god.Neither are we going to force you to marry any or all ten of those girls.You wish.

5)Please do not confuse with our (much) smaller neighbour Singapore, similar sounding named countries like Malawi or Madagascar.No we do not have small furry lemurs that speak English and are toilet trained like in the cartoon.

6)There are other things to be found here apart from forests and the KL Twin Towers.And the forests are not located next, in front of or surrounding the KL Twin Towers.The only monkeys you will find in the KL Twin Towers are those wearing neckties and an Oracle lanyard.

And the list continues....


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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Skies are brighter....Let's move on

Even as eternally pessmistic as I am,I was always one to believe that no matter what happened, if you just hung in long enough, things will look brighter.This is the humble lesson I learnt in life thus far.Its gotten me through a lousy breakup, months of job hunting, a severe bout with depression and surviving 6 years of mentally tormeting primary school years being the suffering geeky twerp under a sadistic evil older sister at home , thin-and-scrawny--but-thuggish-Indian-movie-star-wannabe-gangsters-kids, Chinese mafia wannabe kids and one or two labelling machine Malay kids at school (labels vary to include campur, kopi susu and the more evil kafir-menkgkafir, babi hutan and sembah berhala- 'idol worshipper') Yeap I had my fair share of mean kids but at the end of the day, out of all that, I got a feel of what a relationship is (and is not), I got some 'heng tai' brothers from primary school who still lepak with me at mamak until today,I got a pretty decent job, I went mentally stronger and perhaps more importantly I completed the UPSR without any major incident such as terminal illess,mental collapse or death (see, I told you, I am pessimistic, as any of my college guys who were in any teams with me would gleefully agree or slap their foreheads recalling the projects we worked on togather :P

Hmm...there was a point in there somewhere, but anyway,in today's context, problems I have been having lately and not so lately have all officially swam into the sunset.No need to go into details on how, suffice to say after all that begging and persuasion and bugging, I think God finally had enough of my constant whining, took one glance in my 'kesian' face and let go a holy wave of His finger or something and granted my prayers!

So finally! I can stop whining and start blogging about other more issues that require actual knowledge on the subject LoL.

Update #1 - The Google Adsense ads you see had nothing to do with me.I deny all knowledge of it! All I did was sign up , hit a few 'Next' buttons and before I knew it my little blog has been violated with ads hehehe.

Update #2- Shin will be conducting the next UPP session on the 14th of October.I maynot be attending this one due to work commitments but will try my level best to go and Yee Aun I think has his exams.So do contact Shin, I believe this is a good cause, and an extremely commendable effort that deserves all our support! Go ahead and support him . I will be joining the meetings as soon as possible God willing.In this case, God would not be God per se, but rather the Gods that sign my paycheck.Will be helping them both in other stuff like the web and all God willing too (yeah, I am referring to the real God this time)

Update #3-Got one night stay at Genting and wonder if anyone wants to go up next Thursday (12th) pls let me know la.I need some company la LoL.For one mroe person hotel.We can split the petrol bill, heck I'll even pay for it (as my car cannot possibly survive the trip-muahaha) and I can hear the casino beckon.Shin, come on! You know you want to dude.Desi?Its a better investment than KLSE remember? LoL.

That will be all for today!! Adieu.For tonight.




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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shin, Bak Kut Teh,Yee Aun and the UPP

In that order or is it jumbled up?LOL.Had breakfast with the flamboyant, illustrous , legendary Shin  , and the young, vibrant and very outspoken Yee Aun who I foresee one day will either be a Cabinet Minister, an Opposition Leader or a Jedi.We had bak kut teh which Shin called 'sahur' but it was at 10 so I guess we missed the time la.Later retreated to the neighbourhood friendly mamak for some milo ais.It was fun, and lookinf forward to doing it again. 

 We discussed several interesting topics, basically the formation of UPP, IKD's website and and how we should go about it.I believe UPP and should be apolitical in nature.That way we would be able to express ourselves beyond party lines and loyalties.Perhaps this would be the starting point of a newer, more vibrant form of democracy in this country.One that transcends race,religion and party.One that puts society and social justice beyond individual needs.

As for myself, I have yet to fully commit myself to a single party.Though to most of my friends I come across as being left winged and have Opposition-based tendencies, the simple truth is I have yet to feel in solidarity with any party,as in I feel their struggle strongly want to be a part of it- though I am very much grateful for what keADILan and DAP in particular stands for - values and tenets like social justice, equality and freedom and democracy.Though I do see myself being immersed in the democratic process in the not too distant future,I would at the moment be working with Shin and Yee Aun on and UPP.I feel their concepts ( basically is a group blog for us to share our thoughts on issues affecting us all and UPP or Unit Pendidikan Politik is a unit dealing with the philosophy and ideology behind politics, stuff like Descartes, Thomas More, Sartre and basically politics in its purest form, untainted by corruption, will-bending, compromise and political trade-offs.UPP is funded , at least in part, I understand by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation)

I sincerely believe that by talking, and creating awareness, youth today that for reasons of their own, do not take seriously issues affecting them, will be roused from their ignorance, apathy or lack of interest towards their surrounding and take a harder look at issues that are affecting them at present, and have prospect to affect them(or their neighbours, friends, someone related to them in this intricately woven social fabric of ours) in the near future.After all, we shape the world we live in, and I for one, sure as hell would not want to live in a society that displaces me in the future.Rev Martin Niemoller's poem comes to mind

First they came for the Communists,

  and I didn't speak up,

    because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,

  and I didn't speak up,

    because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,

  and I didn't speak up,

    because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,

  and by that time there was no one

    left to speak up for me.


We vote every day, with our intellect, our keyboards, our voices and our pens.That's my opinion on speaking up against something that is wrong, biased, racist etc.Be it in politics, religion, policy of governance finance, anything involving anyone who themselves are unable to voice out for any reason.So for those of you who feel like you fit the bill,feel the vocation and would like to join up, please contact Shin or even myself.The next meeting would be coming up soon (sometime two weeks from now)

And on another note, Pelf,  if you're reading, have removed the block on anonymous posts as per requested. :)

Have a beautiful second half of the week, people.


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Monday, October 02, 2006

Back in perspective

Well, life certainly gained some perspective today.Mainly due to the haircut I got I think (kepala botak),that and the fact that more than few execs/managers supported my staying here, so I am indeed grateful to them for their support.I hope I stay to show them just that LOL.

Also heard some good news that most likely no transfer would be taking place after all he he.So I am slightly more relaxed but I guess to enjoy all this need to maintain my performance level  work. It gets easier as it becomes routine, but routine breeds familiarity and that breeds contempt for the job.But I doubt I will be having that to worry about as challenge is there, its about taking it, and I have amazing people to work with on both sides (Operations and my 'native' department- IT)

Some other problems that popped up (finance and work-related) have also seemed to solve themselves when some opportunities opened up to make some money (no I am not selling firearms, dope or smuggled children)

On another note it seems my weekend (in my context a weekend is any day which I do not work) de-stressing trips with Tong Sampah and the gang seems to be more enjoyable and cost less.I really cannot understand this somehow.We used to hang out within the boundaries of Klang.Now its either 1U, The Curve, Sunway, SJ, or some obscure restaurant someone read about somewhere.But even so, at the end of the day I seem to have more balance in my wallet.

So I'm keeping this wallet (as the Chinese belief goes that if the wallet helps you retain money you should keep it).Its kinda weird.But I'll have to change it anyway if the credit cards get approved.I am running out of space in my wallet, so I dissected it to see what crap I had inside...

1 unit IC/MyKad, 1 unit Smart Tag (my old workplace ID/cashless card),1 BVM medal, 1 free coupon at Genting First World hotel (anyone wanna teman?) 3 RM 50 notes, 1 Rm 100 note, assorted RM 1 and 5 that look like salted vegetables, assorted ATM slips, cheque slips and receipts to claim from my boss,1 unit Alliance ATM Card, 1 unit Affinbank, and 1 unit UOB ATM card,1 unit  J--Card, 1 unit Real Rewards/Mesra card, 1 unit BonusLink card, 1 Genting green card,1 unit Malaysian Driver's License and my Times membership card , and 5 units my company namecard.2 foreign namecards, some US dollar ntoes,Oh and some old receipt apparently for something I cannot recall buying - a spatula and a food processor.Hmm...

Soon will be adding at least 5 more cards to the fray- my new credit cards <evil laugh>- I am now officially a victim of capitalism, and a club membership card.So yea, I need a bigger wallet.Someone can donate ar?

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a Day!

Ouch, everything seemed to be going wrong today.First I realize I've miscalculated my monthly finances and opened too many FDs this month leaving me with barely enough to scrape through (i.e. looks like its gonna be fried noodles everyday at work), and then I hear this rumor that I might be transferred to another group temporarily at least, to teman one of my friends who kena transfer there maybe for two months.I am trying to NOT go, not because I do not like the other group, they're ok ppl.Just that I would have to uproot myself and really do not think I would learn much there as far as technical skills is concerned (I will be doing the same job).Its basically coz of the other guy I kena go.Sigh.

OK, that was a bit of a mood dampener.Then we go and have breakfast (Bak Kut Teh) and while the guys are trying to convince/cheer me up/reason this fire starts from the gas cylinders and starts shooting a blue jet flame that reaches the ceiling! (See Shin, Bak Kut Teh IS dangerous).Next thing I know is my hand got stuck in the metal chair and bewildered I ran to the door with the other million or so customers (it was a Saturday morning) with the stupid chair still attached to my hand.So when the flame was turned off, I dragged the chair back like an idiot la. Fortunately everyone was still in a daze(similar to the perpetual state of mind of my ex girlfriend)

Then when going off to meet Syer, my beloved Kancil got wedged between three morons who triple parked around my car blocking any hope of exit (pics to come).Boy I have never more wished or police presence in my life!...To Saman those clowns back to the Neanderthal caves from whence their huge foreheaded rock eating ancestors came but I guess police are only good at issuing summons to sick and dying people's relatives in hospital, people who've spent all their money on festivities in Little India, or Petaling Street, or some people who actually got some do or die business urgently to attend to , but its OK to triple park and block the way of some poor dude who only drives a Kancil,who already had one emo news and one major fire scare by 10am.And to make matters worse I realize my car horn is dead.So what CAN one do in such a situation?Listen to MY FM la, the only channel that seemed to be working, and one whose DJ talks either too fast or too slow which results in either me sleeping or going wide awake in which situation neither seemed bad la, so...

And then comes this chick who on a normal day I would consider doing a Dinesh/Chua 'move' on.A Dinesh/Chua move is an art perfected so far only by two my friends (Dinesh and Chua) who have skillfully blended the primordial arts of mating and hunting.Its called Mate Hunting and suddenly images of 'The Ultimate Player' local ripoff the musical instrument? What next?Guitar Love?

Anyway but since she parked and blocked my way, she looked as attractive to me as a dugong with a skin condition and bad teeth.And no sorry, no nothing, just drives, scrapes my side view mirror slightly and shoots off with a speed expected of a typical local driver.So I slip in my praise and worship (as opposed to Madonna's Praising Whoreship) and unwind and everything is put in perspective.So what does one do with though a sedate mind, droopy red eyes,and a feeling in the head like you have an axe firmly wedged inside your cranium?Why drive 60km away and look for mooncakes of course!

God have mercy on my soul.