Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Skies are brighter....Let's move on

Even as eternally pessmistic as I am,I was always one to believe that no matter what happened, if you just hung in long enough, things will look brighter.This is the humble lesson I learnt in life thus far.Its gotten me through a lousy breakup, months of job hunting, a severe bout with depression and surviving 6 years of mentally tormeting primary school years being the suffering geeky twerp under a sadistic evil older sister at home , thin-and-scrawny--but-thuggish-Indian-movie-star-wannabe-gangsters-kids, Chinese mafia wannabe kids and one or two labelling machine Malay kids at school (labels vary to include campur, kopi susu and the more evil kafir-menkgkafir, babi hutan and sembah berhala- 'idol worshipper') Yeap I had my fair share of mean kids but at the end of the day, out of all that, I got a feel of what a relationship is (and is not), I got some 'heng tai' brothers from primary school who still lepak with me at mamak until today,I got a pretty decent job, I went mentally stronger and perhaps more importantly I completed the UPSR without any major incident such as terminal illess,mental collapse or death (see, I told you, I am pessimistic, as any of my college guys who were in any teams with me would gleefully agree or slap their foreheads recalling the projects we worked on togather :P

Hmm...there was a point in there somewhere, but anyway,in today's context, problems I have been having lately and not so lately have all officially swam into the sunset.No need to go into details on how, suffice to say after all that begging and persuasion and bugging, I think God finally had enough of my constant whining, took one glance in my 'kesian' face and let go a holy wave of His finger or something and granted my prayers!

So finally! I can stop whining and start blogging about other more issues that require actual knowledge on the subject LoL.

Update #1 - The Google Adsense ads you see had nothing to do with me.I deny all knowledge of it! All I did was sign up , hit a few 'Next' buttons and before I knew it my little blog has been violated with ads hehehe.

Update #2- Shin will be conducting the next UPP session on the 14th of October.I maynot be attending this one due to work commitments but will try my level best to go and Yee Aun I think has his exams.So do contact Shin, I believe this is a good cause, and an extremely commendable effort that deserves all our support! Go ahead and support him . I will be joining the meetings as soon as possible God willing.In this case, God would not be God per se, but rather the Gods that sign my paycheck.Will be helping them both in other stuff like the web and all God willing too (yeah, I am referring to the real God this time)

Update #3-Got one night stay at Genting and wonder if anyone wants to go up next Thursday (12th) pls let me know la.I need some company la LoL.For one mroe person hotel.We can split the petrol bill, heck I'll even pay for it (as my car cannot possibly survive the trip-muahaha) and I can hear the casino beckon.Shin, come on! You know you want to dude.Desi?Its a better investment than KLSE remember? LoL.

That will be all for today!! Adieu.For tonight.




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop writing bout your lousy breakup la.. it's boring. the rest are fine ;)

the ex

6:54 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...


What to make interesting blog entries.

3:53 PM  

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