Monday, October 02, 2006

Back in perspective

Well, life certainly gained some perspective today.Mainly due to the haircut I got I think (kepala botak),that and the fact that more than few execs/managers supported my staying here, so I am indeed grateful to them for their support.I hope I stay to show them just that LOL.

Also heard some good news that most likely no transfer would be taking place after all he he.So I am slightly more relaxed but I guess to enjoy all this need to maintain my performance level  work. It gets easier as it becomes routine, but routine breeds familiarity and that breeds contempt for the job.But I doubt I will be having that to worry about as challenge is there, its about taking it, and I have amazing people to work with on both sides (Operations and my 'native' department- IT)

Some other problems that popped up (finance and work-related) have also seemed to solve themselves when some opportunities opened up to make some money (no I am not selling firearms, dope or smuggled children)

On another note it seems my weekend (in my context a weekend is any day which I do not work) de-stressing trips with Tong Sampah and the gang seems to be more enjoyable and cost less.I really cannot understand this somehow.We used to hang out within the boundaries of Klang.Now its either 1U, The Curve, Sunway, SJ, or some obscure restaurant someone read about somewhere.But even so, at the end of the day I seem to have more balance in my wallet.

So I'm keeping this wallet (as the Chinese belief goes that if the wallet helps you retain money you should keep it).Its kinda weird.But I'll have to change it anyway if the credit cards get approved.I am running out of space in my wallet, so I dissected it to see what crap I had inside...

1 unit IC/MyKad, 1 unit Smart Tag (my old workplace ID/cashless card),1 BVM medal, 1 free coupon at Genting First World hotel (anyone wanna teman?) 3 RM 50 notes, 1 Rm 100 note, assorted RM 1 and 5 that look like salted vegetables, assorted ATM slips, cheque slips and receipts to claim from my boss,1 unit Alliance ATM Card, 1 unit Affinbank, and 1 unit UOB ATM card,1 unit  J--Card, 1 unit Real Rewards/Mesra card, 1 unit BonusLink card, 1 Genting green card,1 unit Malaysian Driver's License and my Times membership card , and 5 units my company namecard.2 foreign namecards, some US dollar ntoes,Oh and some old receipt apparently for something I cannot recall buying - a spatula and a food processor.Hmm...

Soon will be adding at least 5 more cards to the fray- my new credit cards <evil laugh>- I am now officially a victim of capitalism, and a club membership card.So yea, I need a bigger wallet.Someone can donate ar?

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