Friday, September 08, 2006

I am Still Smiling

Ah, what a week it was.I got a new boss this week, as always with him comes a pretty uncertain type of future with a tinge of uneasiness.

I lost a few Rm 50 notes when I realized I dropped it while taking it from the bank.And my car windscreen got smashed yet again by another idiot jackass of a lorry driver (thud! followed by spiderweb pattern on your windscreen.Thank God the new car is only coming out in December and I am still driving my old Kancil!Imagine if it was a new Vios.....Arrggghhh...

I shudder at the thought.But after all this I am still smiling.One- Jesus is always with me thick and thin, that would be the sappy/feel good Christian reason.Two its not everyday (or many ppl my age) that has a big payday waiting to help me clear it the next salary day <grins ear to ear>

I promised myself not to brag about this, so I won't.If you wanna know more, ask me yourself.

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Blogger Pelf said...

I broke my windscreen 2 months ago too - and it left a HUGE hole in my already-torn purse :(

9:16 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

yea i remember lol

but i kena twice worse hoh :P
nvm laer.we go up genting someday and if u win some cash can donate to the environmental funds :P

12:54 PM  

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