Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a Day!

Ouch, everything seemed to be going wrong today.First I realize I've miscalculated my monthly finances and opened too many FDs this month leaving me with barely enough to scrape through (i.e. looks like its gonna be fried noodles everyday at work), and then I hear this rumor that I might be transferred to another group temporarily at least, to teman one of my friends who kena transfer there maybe for two months.I am trying to NOT go, not because I do not like the other group, they're ok ppl.Just that I would have to uproot myself and really do not think I would learn much there as far as technical skills is concerned (I will be doing the same job).Its basically coz of the other guy I kena go.Sigh.

OK, that was a bit of a mood dampener.Then we go and have breakfast (Bak Kut Teh) and while the guys are trying to convince/cheer me up/reason this fire starts from the gas cylinders and starts shooting a blue jet flame that reaches the ceiling! (See Shin, Bak Kut Teh IS dangerous).Next thing I know is my hand got stuck in the metal chair and bewildered I ran to the door with the other million or so customers (it was a Saturday morning) with the stupid chair still attached to my hand.So when the flame was turned off, I dragged the chair back like an idiot la. Fortunately everyone was still in a daze(similar to the perpetual state of mind of my ex girlfriend)

Then when going off to meet Syer, my beloved Kancil got wedged between three morons who triple parked around my car blocking any hope of exit (pics to come).Boy I have never more wished or police presence in my life!...To Saman those clowns back to the Neanderthal caves from whence their huge foreheaded rock eating ancestors came but I guess police are only good at issuing summons to sick and dying people's relatives in hospital, people who've spent all their money on festivities in Little India, or Petaling Street, or some people who actually got some do or die business urgently to attend to , but its OK to triple park and block the way of some poor dude who only drives a Kancil,who already had one emo news and one major fire scare by 10am.And to make matters worse I realize my car horn is dead.So what CAN one do in such a situation?Listen to MY FM la, the only channel that seemed to be working, and one whose DJ talks either too fast or too slow which results in either me sleeping or going wide awake in which situation neither seemed bad la, so...

And then comes this chick who on a normal day I would consider doing a Dinesh/Chua 'move' on.A Dinesh/Chua move is an art perfected so far only by two my friends (Dinesh and Chua) who have skillfully blended the primordial arts of mating and hunting.Its called Mate Hunting and suddenly images of 'The Ultimate Player' local ripoff the musical instrument? What next?Guitar Love?

Anyway but since she parked and blocked my way, she looked as attractive to me as a dugong with a skin condition and bad teeth.And no sorry, no nothing, just drives, scrapes my side view mirror slightly and shoots off with a speed expected of a typical local driver.So I slip in my praise and worship (as opposed to Madonna's Praising Whoreship) and unwind and everything is put in perspective.So what does one do with though a sedate mind, droopy red eyes,and a feeling in the head like you have an axe firmly wedged inside your cranium?Why drive 60km away and look for mooncakes of course!

God have mercy on my soul.


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