Monday, December 11, 2006

Banning Annonymous Comments

That's it.A few seconds ago, another asshole posted a negative, stupid insult on my blog.I do not mind neither insults or negative comments, but just posting them to irritate me here is just irritating.Plus, unlike my other blog (under UPP) I cannot use htacess, Akismet or anything to prevent this jokers from posting crap.I re-enabled annonymous posting simply for Pelf upon her request some time back.I cannot keep deleting comments that irritate me, that is conveniently taken from some websites, coz the guy cannot learn foreign languages by himself, due to perhaps the fact that he dropped out of school at 12, and never recovered form the mental scar.

So Pelf , dear sis, I think juz sign up for Blogger la, or post comments in my other new blog ;) So sorry but I cannot take this guy's doodling anymore :P

To the joker, this is what I think of you la.My prediction ..

-You are a pathetic whore of a human who cannot get his dick up in bed
-Your mum gave you too little milk as a child coz her boobs were dried out from your dad sucking it too much, resulting in a severe oxygen deficiency.
-You earn too little to afford electricty, so you're probably posting this comments under your mum and dad's account.Or perhaps you're a 40 year old student?
-Your Japanese sucks, probably cause you post from a website , again due to your highly dyslexic state of mind, inability to learn new things, or that your brain is saturated with too much info, residual from your primary school years.
-Your dad's probably left your family for another woman, possibly a prostitute in Desker Road (meaning she is actually a he)
-You're just doing it to piss me off.How can I possibly get pissed off with my life like this now.
-I have your IP.Its a proxy address meaning you're probably posting this form your office, a cybercafe, college or the like.I also know you're from the North Selangor/KL area.One of your comments contained the words 'go and die' in it.So....if I were to lodge a police report against you, I wonder if any action is to be taken?
I'm Too comfortable with my life now to let a jackass like you bring my morale down.Too bad

OK, here's the deal, it ain't working.Why not go find some other blog to disturb la.How can anything I say possibly be pissing you off?Unless you're a Japanese who takes offence to my comments on Japanese porn stars (which I strongly doubt as your Japanese is actually worse than mine, and that in itself is a rarity) or Kerisamuddin himself whom I doubt has any time to surf my blog la.


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