Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Clarifications and Explanations

Suddenly realized in my excitement over my new relationship, I may have painted my ex in a negative light .I'm sorry if I came across this way.

Would like to set the record straight, as those who know us both may get the wrong picture of her, I would not like that in the least.I do till now, respect her very much and think of her as a great person who will find someone more suitable for her because she deserves it.

-She did not use me, I was the one who 'fell' for her.Whatever I did, at that time, I did sincerely.
-At that point of time, I thought I was in love.
-At that point of time, I thought we were actually in a relationship.I believe so did she.Neither of us probably what a relationship was supposed to be like.
-She tried to indicate to me a few times that she was not ready etc.I was not sensitive enough to pick up signals, as I am now.
-As she put it, our relationship was highly platonic and very immature.We ended up more like a brother and sister thing.A brother and sister that celebrated Valentines.
-I'm sure neither of us was ready for a relationship and I know now it would never have worked should the situation recur under any circumstance.
-Having been in one for three years helped me learn a lot.Prepared me for a lot.Makes me appreciate what I have now a lot.


-It was over before it began right?
-Truth be told, you and I both know now, what we have was not really love, right?
-I'm sorry if when we split I made you feel bad or irreplacable.There is no need to
-I believe 2 years plus is a long time.I've moved on.I believe so have you.So let's move on.Consider it a bad chapter of your life and mine.From your post I see you've found a new guy.Good for you.

Take care and wishing you the the best.


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