Monday, December 11, 2006

Civil Servant Pay Rise

ROTFL.That's the only damned reaction I could give when I heard on RedFM this morning that the fruitcakes form Ceupacs were asking for next year.Not that I have anything against government servants- my dad was in the government service for thirty odd years on his life, and all that, but 40%.Syeah right.Has anyone sitting on Ceupacs actually bothered to notice, our country is actually experiencing an economic dwindle at the moment.Sure, they can tell you its booming.Just like how they've convinced us that building a new capital, two freaking tall buildings that serve little more than national pride (read: urban cosmetics) , a national service program whereby our future kids will mix togather to foster national unity for three months and come out still not knowing how to properly fire a gun.Then they decide to send a spaceman into space and do groundbreaking research like how will a gasing spin in space and how does teh tarik in gravity zero taste like.

Um, if its a cultural exchange program we're looking for there's always UNESCO right?Besides I strongly doubt between collecting soil samples and soiling themselves, cosmonauts,taikonauts and astronauts have any time to layan our bolehnauts in outer space to see how their wau is drifting in outer space.

Then we have houses being converted into 'dewan orang ramai' instantly whenever people suddenly discover that taxpayers are getting hammered for 20 bucks quit rent and councillors of the State Assembly are building huge Taj Mahals on illegal ground.

And then we have an amazing delivery system whereby to increase the efficiency by 10%, the government needs to install some fancy system developed by two or three 'graduan menggangur' for RM 15k, and then hire a consulatation firm to find out what's wrong with the system which will take another 50k, and the consultation firm will recommend another proper programming company that is of course, also owned by the owner of the consultation firm, that will charge the government another 100k to write a simple HTML program.

And the justification for the pay rise, is the improvement of the delivery system.Um, since when does purchase of expensive machineries actually get attributed to effort?

I get this mental image.A stingy Singaporean businessman opens a paint factory here.And being the slavedriver he is, he whips his Bangladeshi workers to mix paint with their bare hands and they make like 20 pots a day.He then goes up to Genting, strikes a jackpot and comes down and buys a multimillion dollar machine, and suddenly his workers get much less works, but are churcning 100 pots a day.Now suddenly his workers, not only being ultimate ingrates to the businessman (who could have kept the money and get a 2nd,3rd wife or a few China dolls) instead demand a, I dunno, maybe 40% pay rise.Now does that sound correct to you?

Especially when we in the private sector also feeling the pinch of bad decisions made by our powderful ministers, like Kerisamuddin,Semi-Value, Laughidah Aziz, and Ong Ranting.

Why should we suffer alone then?

My two and a half sen.


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