Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Dynamics of a Multiracial Society

The fabric of our society is so woven that a slight nitch would cause the whole cloth to unravel, leaving behind an unsightly mess that not even the impoverished Bangladeshis would want a piece of.

And yet nick and tug at this delicate artwork do they.Every politician , even the most green of them, would know that the quick route to boost their political mileage would be through appealing to the tribal instinct of man- that is the uncontrollable desire to stick to his own.Few see beyond this, even with all the hubbub of a united commune, unity under the banner ;).Some call it a pluralistic society.Others, national unity.Yet others, local names like Bangsa Malaysia.I call it-sheer hypocrisy.There is no such thing as, nor will there ever be , a fair society.We were born tribal.We were created segregated.So to me,fair society would be against the order of nature.But what we can do , is coexist in a brotherly way,that we can do, and in a society such as ours, we must.

There can be no true peace without justice, and no justice, without equality.Do not misquote or misunderstand me, this is not your usual racist chauvinistic banter.This is merely an observation, nonwithstanding, of not the racial divide, but the economic one.With all our wealth of resources, how is it that we keep paying the price of our leader's stupidity, arrogance and sometimes selfishness?

They go on and on about subsidies and ask the people to share their burden but are they really sharing our burden?When money is being basically poured down the well by imprudent spending.

At last, The PM has come forward and said race relations are at an all time low.Yea, this is so very true, where everyone sees everyone else through the color of their skin rather than their intellect, or capabilities.A Malay is unfairly labelled as government welfare case.An Indian is automatically seen as a gangster with no cash.A Sikh is automatically seen as a son of a security guard.A Chinese is instantly thought of as a businessman.Where the colour of your skin earns you a stereotype 'default setting' that includes economic capability,lineage,job choice,life expectancy and even cause of death.(i.e., oh that dude's Indian, he's sure to die of liver cirhossis, or heart attack, cause he takes lots of mutton curry and drinks like a fish)

People have summed you up at a glance.Usually this is not such a bad scenario, but of late some joker/clowns/morons of political background started talking.And then some other jokers starting talking some more.And the talking escalated to name calling, which deteriorated into a shouting match and now suddenly everyone is race-aware and suspicious of each other.

Well, my tuppence on this- destroy every race, religion and culture in this planet and label everyone 'World Citizen'

That way every damn war that goes down will be a Perang Saudara.


Blogger devonic said...

Ya man...Let's call all of us the "World Citizen"...Hope there won't be any conflict if Martians,Plutonian's and the rest of universe pounded ,don't segregate us too...God created man and woman...Let that is what called of us...Or am I wrong...?

4:28 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

LOL...yes bro.btw I'm gonna start posting articles at as well, in case you wanna read more political stuff by this humble wannabe writer la

7:07 AM  
Blogger Lizzam said...

have you ever watch star trek, star wars, or any out-of-this-world futuristic shows that shows one planet-one nationality (or is it planetality?).

i don't see how we can be like that la dey. we want to, as every beauty pageant does, but as long as we're not doing it at the same time, than we won't get it.

reason being, when we are one, who's going to lead, what language we're going to use, and many other incompatibility issues ensue.think of PC, Mac, Linux and IT illiterates.

hope some ideas can be used to settle these probs one by one.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

yep but all of them can talk tcp/ip.In the end they're all computers.I'm not going for a generic race,or culture, just a generic mindset

1:53 PM  

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