Sunday, April 23, 2006

On Ugly Models and Pretty Secretaries

Sometimes I feel the Yin-Yang factor in this world is really imbalanced.Some people like is blessed with a fat gut and white hair, while others like Dawn Yang is blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks and no brains.But who needs brains when you have stunner good looks?

I mean who gives a rat's ass about earning a PhD or winning the Pullitzer when you can get everything you want just by flashing (a smile that is). Maybe its just me, but I note that models are getting uglier and secretaries are getting prettier.But hey, the world is a screwed up place.After all the best golfer is black, the best rapper is white and Chinatown is being run by Indonesians and Bangladeshis.

Still wouldn't it be great to be both beatiful AND smart.But the Yin-Yang factor forbids that.By law if you're ugly, you're smart.

If you look good you're dumb.If you look average, your brains are operating at 50% human capacity.And if by some fluke of nature you're smart and pretty, chances are you mati awal, probabaly hit by some sesat missile that was meant for some Abu Sayyaf camps.I still don't understand why America can shoot at wrong targets. Can't they get Google Satellite or something?Or can't they read maps?

Still I feel the Jews would make great models.If only they would la.So far the only jewish models i saw was in a mail forward from a collegue and they were in army fatigues.They're used to full loads so if you're smart, you're probably gonna shoot blanks, so get prepared la.

I think Japanese make lousy models simply coz they're short and their eyes look smaller than ikan bilis' eyes.I mean seriously only their comics have huge eye characters but in real life Japanese have slits so small for eyes, its amazing how they conquered half the world.

They must have heck of a good opthamologists.I mean to make so good glasses.Probably the americans can learn from them la, but maybe their still too busy looking for bombs in Afghanistan or Ethiopia, or maybe tommorow they might decide that there are weapons of mass destruction hidden in A Famosa waterworld, or that underneath the two towers in KLCC is actually two large Hang Tuah Missiles.

And that Teletubbies are evil.

Damn, I forgot the point I was trying to make with all this rambling.Oh well, there's alwez tommorow!


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