Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CNY Ads and Random Ramblings

Sigh....New Year came and went, and it whizzed past me like a hurricane without me realizing I had won two bucks from my friend Yee Loong from Black Jack.OK, so many of you reading will not understand this fully.Allow me to enlighten you on my friend Yee Loong. This is a picture of Yee Loong.Notice the sad depressed look- thats coz like most of us, we still cannot get laid no matter how hard we try.Anyway,back to why winning two bucks from this guy is such a big deal...its coz in simple terms, he's a miser.A kiamsiap.A kedekut maximum.Despite the fact he is damn bloody rich.I guess thats how he stays rich la, but thats beyond the point.Winning two bucks from him was to me, like scaling a great financial height.

To his credit, my friend is slowly coming out of his Klang cocoon and visiting places outside the Tanah Jajahan Takluk Sultan Selango , mostly due to persuasion from me and the other guys.Sorry man, but you know we all still love you dude.At least you can rest assured Matthew does la.

Moving along from this,the ads for Chinese New Year this time around were a little bit disappointing.Starting with the Tenaga Nasional ad.Kinda redundant with the stupid firefly theme again.Yeah we get it, fireflies are beautiful and we should all have field trips to Kuala Selangor someday.Or are you hinting that Malaysia is running out of power and soon we would have to breed fireflies and use their butts to light up our flourescents?

And that ad about road safety with the kuih kapits.I don't get two parts of the ads- one is the where they go "Public transport is safer".Are you kidding me?Have the Ministry of transport ppl ever been on one of the hellride buses to balik kampung?The drivers of those buses are rally driver wannabes who happen to control a powerful diesel machine.I leave the rest to your kind imagination.And the second part is where the driver who drives hastily away (without signal lights) brings them back safely.I pity the family la.One hair raising bus ride followed by ride given by a mad guy who tries to run over his own son.

I do love however the Petronas ad about the successful kids and how the one with the Iswara is the only one who loves his mom enough to bring her out.A nice touch was that the ad was in Hokkien.It smells of Yasmin Ahmad but not too sure.

Anyway to all my friends .... and those who for unknown reasons read this blog , Keong Hi Fatt Choy :)


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Blogger Lizzam said...

ahha...I too love that Petronas ad...the lucky granny (whose son came to fetch her) looked so cute, seriously. and to see the others continue their meal afterwards in deafening silence can make some scurrying over the phonebook looking for their mother's home address.

but why is the granny in the old folk's house in the first place?

10:54 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Good point.Maybe it was some sort of a halfway home where grannies go to recover from mahjong/drug/shandy addiction :P

7:30 PM  
Anonymous pelf said...

Good one! But what about PERODUA's ad? The one where a few kids of difference races were playing "lion dance" made of square boxes? I think that one successfully picture the muhibah-ness, no? :)

4:36 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

hehe i think it shows us that our parents back in the kampung days had much less tuition/xtra classes/music lessons/language classes/martial arts than we did, Pelf :P

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:06 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Stupid spammers got to websites as well.Well dude, I don't believe in pyramid fairy tales so go pat yourself in the back for being so financially brilliant and piss on someone elses blog.

7:42 PM  

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