Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Long Long Overdue Post

First and Foremost let me apologize for the long hiatus, just been way too busy at work with loads of courses and projects and even as I write am tired to the bone, but shall attempt to with my dying breath :P

Well at least I shall do so a confirmed staff of the organization I work in knowing at least they won;t fire my sorry ass with a 24 hour notice.My boss rewarded me for this remarkable achievement with the magnanimous gesture of asking me to work extra.Ouch.

Enough of me ranting about work.Allow me to share my precious thoughts on some issues as usual, as we all know I have a weird view on life.Today, allow me to share with you my view on logos and slogans of government departments and some private firms

I believe they are way to power packed to describe the actual jobs they do.Take the MPK(Klang Municipal Council) logo for example.Its two deer mounting a crest with the motto "Perpaduan Sendi Kekuatan" (Strength Hinges on Unity).OK cool and nice.....but what does it have to do with MPK's job scope?

No disrespect to MPK la, but if you wanna show your job scope, and I had It my Way...I would have a logo with two garbagemen mounting a garbage truck holding a saman letak kereta with the words "Saman dan Sampah, Kamilah Yang Buat"
And in your recruitment drive you show pictures of sadistic men in uniform shooting trigger happily at some unarmed, scrambling illegal VCD peddler running away with the words "Action is its own reward"

The logo for the KLIA is a freaking "L" like building.L for Lost Luggage, Late, Long Queues or Lost Cause.Take your pick.

Sometimes I really marvel at the significance of animals and such in our logos as well.Many like the picture of a lion, to symbolize the king of beasts, bravery and pride.Should these people watch National Geographic, they would also know the male lion sleeps all day and combs his mane while the female lion hunts for the cubs.

Some like an eagle to symbolize majesty and grace.Eagles tear apart their pray using their claws . And those who use doves apparently haven't been the target practise of birds who need to take a dump halfway in the air.

Why don't we use inanimate objects in our logos?Police for example should have two fierce looking guns on their logo and instead of "Mesra Cepat Dan Betul" emblazon on it "Kami Bersenjata Dan Suka Menggunakannya" .That ought to scare people from commiting crimes or playing mahjong.

Have a lot more blog material in my mind but would continue some udder time, including your tag pelf ;) Got more classes tommorow


Blogger Lizzam said...

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9:27 AM  
Blogger Lizzam said...

well..if you consider yourself the king of beasts, you'd also be lazing around, being fed by your gundik, have several of them at your disposal, so you can take a load of of you anytime with anyone, and in all the while, look majestic and tall...sounds pretty human, isn't it?or is us humans are animals after all...

btw, feel free to ask me 3 questions about me, that you would want to know. you can ANYTHING, anything at all.hey, you even ask something for the fun of it...just go to my blog


7:19 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

me?king of loathing,procasination and maybe apathy but not beasts la.will do.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous hizzilitis said...

what's with the cherrio/cheerio? where the hell did that slang/phrase get into the English language? My bosses would oftenly say that to me everytime i pass them their "orduer" of mamak cuisine and american tobacco. Cheerio hizzad, cheerio, -yeah cheerio my coco-puff ass, bitches-

8:04 PM  

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