Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ramblings on Mixed Parentage

This whole week I've been feeling really invincible, as opposed to me usually feeling invisible.
Largely due to a third increment in 6 months!Though not as big as the last two, its still an increment and still has some effect to my current euphoric state.Secondly was an overdue company SIM card means I do not have to reload like a mad dog every time there is a system down.

Another was the overwhelming kehebatan of the Chindian community(Julian and other Chindians reading holler !) First Nicole, then Esther(the SPM top scorer who happens to be from my church).Though Nicole makes me feel like the hopeless sportsperson that I am(to me the closest to sports is getting pelted with high-speed paint blobs aimed at my neck, or getting a headshot in CounterStrike) and Esther makes me feel amazingly stupid,still feel proud of fellow Chindians la.Its alwez nice to ponder on your ancestry.

My mum's side's the Yong, meaning somewhere along the line, my maternal ancestors were riding horseback and were great Generals in China.Or it could be a mistranslation and my maternal grandparents could have been fruit pickers or silkworm catchers.And somewhere later, some migrant ancestor/relative of mine could have discovered Ampang's Yong Tau Foo.

My paternal side is more vague, all I got was my grandfather was from India.Duh.Like I needed rocket science to tell me that.He was brown and spoke Tamil, where could he have been from, Canada?

But I think mix-raced people (or as my friend Hizzad so crudely puts it, cross breeds) are one heck of a unique bunch.Its nice if you have the best traits of both sides.Whats worrying is that if you have the wrong traits.For example if you cross an Italian and a Japanese, it would be nice if you had a Japanese's industrous attitude and an Italian's sex drive.It would be sad though, if you had an Italian's work attitude and a Japanese sex drive.

Whats more interesting is to produce a Japali, you could have a Japanese dude with an ultra small um, ability with an Italian Sophia Loren wannabe on a bed and she would be like "are you done yet hun?

Or reversedly you could have a terrified, shrieking Japanese porcelain doll that screams Ide every half a second with an Italian Marc Anthony lookalike going "Relax-a- lady, I am only-a- unzippin' "

I could have written a better post but maybe later in the evening o.O


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wha? someone call me?

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