Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Dark Side

Yes folks....I am succumbing to the Dark Side of Executiveness.This is what happens when you migle too much with people who think alike.

To the uninitiated(read: those who have no idea who in bright blue hell am i) you should know that I am (read: was) once hell bent on the great ideas found by that Japanese Hawaiian sumo dude called Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and his lesser known work, Bitch Mum Poor Kid)

In its simplest form, Kiyosaki tells us to starve ourselves, deny ourselves basic toilet neccessities and go live under a bridge for 15 years while saving your salary so when your bank account grows really really huge, you can buy yourself a Mercedes, a large house, and you will on average have 7 days to enjoy it before Income Tax Dept comes and take it all away pending a 20 year court battle in which your family will leave you, your friends abandon you, and you end up where you came from, living under a bridge(Klang Bridge is not bad, it has a view and some nice sampans too roam around with)

On the other hand, you have what is called credit, whereby you live on the bank's money.There, you basically dig a hole of debt and keep digging till you die, then your EPF money and insurance covers the balance after you die.If you somehow happen to be lucky enough to make it to the top and buy one or two houses, then your EPF money can be used for more self-serving needs, like paying for your kids education and leaving just enough for you and the wife to take that long deserved vacation trip to Port Dickson.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen for better or worse, I am announcing my decision to descend into Fake Execism where I made my first move last week buying a phone I can't really afford by Kiyosaki's definition, or buy Fake Execism definition, a cheap entry level 3G phone.It set me back about 1.5k(separuh gaji) and has left me eating sand for the rest of the month.Worse still, it has gotten me into considering buying a new car, a Playstation , new sound system and home theater and new air conditioning for my room(which of course, will then be known as My Cozy Crib thereafter).

Plus SooSoo , Chin Leong and me went to Melaka for the weekend and planning to go to more places over the next weekends.This, added with the upcoming two company trips to Phuket and all kinda makes me feel more 'Fake-Execy'

And so the Ring has come to me....muahahahhahaha

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Blogger Lizzam said...

3k - 1.5k(3G phone)=1.5k and still not enough?

Kiyosaki's right though, with higher salary, comes higher expenditure...

and to think your 3G phone costs me my whole gaji...

9:02 AM  
Blogger Lizzam said...

and oh, try dilbert for a change, and see how employees like me despise mid-bosses (mid-mngmt) and bosses alike (like you)..hehe

9:03 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Woi i am not boss yet la...still middle level exec onli...very very low the food chain...hehe

1.5k ok la but then again with Fake Execism comes the desire to buy Playstation,a Gen.2 and god knows what other internal lusts!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Ramlee Kayusakti said...

The power of fake execism leads to many benefits, some consider to be unnatural.

Is it possible to learn this powers?

Not from a Kayusakti

9:45 AM  
Blogger Butterflyn said...

then go and spend 5 years under klang bridge.. then after that u can buy the playstation and Gen2 idaman :P~ hehe

2:40 PM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

oh korang ejekla aku takpe bila aku dah bawak gen 2 kang baru hang tau cewah maybe that time korang alredi bawak gen 4

anyway franco! i got a kad emas dibawa belayar alredi hehehehehe one step closer to the edge

6:52 PM  

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